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Q: What word best describes someone who is very tired?
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What word best describes a person who is very fond of food?

A fat bum. Hungry.

How does velvet feel like?

it is very soft and a very awesome thing when you r tired

Which types of number does scientific notation best describe?

Scientific notation is most useful when working with numbers which are very small or very large.

When was The Very Best of Rod Stewart created?

The Very Best of Rod Stewart was created on 2001-11-13.

What is the part of speech is soft?

Adjective.Examples:I touched the soft blanket.The kitten was very soft.An adjective is a word that describes a noun.

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Is ubiquitous the best word that describes someone who is very tired?

No, "ubiquitous" means existing or happening everywhere and all the time. It has nothing to do with being tired. "Exhausted" and "enervated" mean "very tired."

What is word best describes who is very tired?


What is the best word to describe someone who is very tired?


Which word best describes someone who is very vain?


What word is best for someone who is very tired?

Exhausted. Drained of ones physical or mental resources.

Who wrote stayed awake all night?

Someone who was very tired

What best describes the hopi?

it is very commen

You were fishing but you got tired?

If you are not used to fishing, it is very possible that you will be tired. It may be best to fish for short periods of time.

What best describes Hopi today?

it is very commen

Who was the first person that fell asleep in church while the preacher preached?

Me :-) Just kidding. Someone who must have been very very tired.. :-(, umm, and speakin of tired, I'm gettin Sleepy |-(

After the game Tome was very tired State the part of speech for the word very and tell it's kind and how it's used in the sentence?

"Tired" is an adjective which describes Tom's feelings. "Very" is therefore an adverb which explains how tired Tom felt. Whereas adjectives describe nouns (and pronouns); adverbs describe or modify a verb, an adjective, or even another adverb.

What does Estoy muy cansada y enferma means?

That's Spanish for "I am very tired now". Since "tired" is in feminine, that means it is a woman who is talking.