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Some websites use the Google Earth plugin and visiting such a website would prompt you to download the plugin from Google if you don't already have Google Earth plugin installed. This is installed when you install the Google Earth application.

If you want to download the Google Earth application it can be download for free from the Google Earth website, whose URL can be found in related links below. Otherwise just search: "Download Google Earth" and the first result with the website from the domain is the one to use (after the ads).

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Q: What website from Google is Google Earth?
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Where can one find more information about Google Earth?

Someone can find more information about Google Earth from the official Google Earth website. The website offers detailed information regarding Google Earth as well as tutorials on how to use the application.

How does one download Google Earth?

Google Earth can be downloaded quickly and easily from the Google Earth website. Google Earth has images of everywhere form distant galaxies to neighborhoods.

Where can one find out about the new Google Earth and Maps Gallery?

The best place to go regarding any sort of information on Google Earth and the Maps Gallery is the official Google Earth website. The website covers everything to do with Google Earth etc.

What would the typical Google Earth user be searching for when visiting the Google Earth website?

The typical Google Earth user would be searching for road directions, satellite pictures, street view photos, and locations, when visiting Google earth's website.

Is there a website that tells you how far you have run?

Google Earth

Where is a good geography website?

Download Google Earth

Where can you find a website that has thematic maps?

google earth

Can you find Google Earth in stores?

No. Google Earth can only be downloaded from google's website. There is a free version and a Pro version for business use.

Can you download Google earth without viruses?

Yes, you can download Google Earth virus free as long as you download it from Google's official website.

Is Google Earth Plugin free?

The Google Earth plugin is free. It can be downloaded with the free version of Google Earth (they're bundled together) or by itself from Google's website (see link below).UPDATE: Google Earth Plugin has been deprecated as of December 12th, 2014.

Where can someone get information about Google Earth?

One can get information on Google Earth at the official Google's website for Google Earth. Other resources are Wikipedia, different Google Earth related Blogs like Gearthblog, forums or the program's Help section.

Where can one find a download for Google Earth?

You can download Google Earth from Google's website. You can also find Google Earth available for download on websites that specialize in providing free software such as Softpedia or Cnet.

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