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The first was in 1899 an electric car built by Ferdinand Porsche.

The frist Internal combustion car was the 1903 Spyker 60hp.

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Q: What was the first car to have AWD?
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Does AWD have anything to do with the car battery?

No it can not awd drive just means car drives with all 4 tires

Is your car awd?

No, mine is a 2wd.

Which is better a 4WD car or AWD car?

it depends, if you like offroading 4WD, AWD gives better fuel econemy and more control of the car

How do you change an AWD car to a FWD car?

you take away the other 3 wheel functions and boom it is a first wheel drive

How do you change a FWD car to a AWD car?

That would require a massive modification of the vehicle. It would be much cheaper to just sell this car and buy a AWD.

How do you change a FWD car into an AWD car?

Remove the fifth wheel

Is an AWD or FWD car better?

That can only be answerd on opion's... If you try them both (AWD or FWD) you will be able to answer that question yourself. :)

How do you tell whether a car is AWD or FWD?

AWD car usually have badges saying so on the trunk (audi quatto, bmw xi/x drive)If the car has front axles only it FWD, if it has half shaft in the rear also it is awd. The owner's manual should say also.

Nissan Murano problems with all wheel drive stuck on?

AnswerFor the First Generation Murano there are 2 AWD lights, one that says AWD and one that says AWD LOCK. if the AWD Light is on, Then you have a Problem in the AWD System, if the AWD LOCK light is on, then your AWD is stuck on on, or you just have to turn it off.

What is the best awd car for an 18 year old?

Awd daihatsu of some sort with a bit of mods could solve the question

Is a Honda prelude an awd car?

No, the prelude is Front Wheel Drive only. There have been custom projects to convert the Prelude to AWD and RWD.

How can you change fx 2004 from 2wd to awd?

You really cannot without rebuilding the car, drive train, etc. Cheaper to sell and buy the AWD FX.

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