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175 kPa (25psi) front

200 kPa (29 psi) rear

On cold tires

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Q: What is the tire pressures for a vity 125?
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What are the correct tire pressures for a Honda cg 125?

Front=22-25 Rare=35-38

What tire pressure for suzuki drz 125 L?

To get the specific tire pressure for your motorcycle you only need to look on the wall of the tire. There you find the size of the tire along with recommended and max tire pressures.

What is the recommended tire pressure for p175r13?

Tire pressures vary by tire manufacturer and tire application. The maximum tire pressures are marked on the sidewall of the tire during the manufacturing process. Also, the recommended tire size and pressures are usually found on the drivers side door pillar.

How is tire pressure measured?

Tire pressures are measured in (Bar) or (PSI).

Recommended tire pressures for front and back 94 Honda civic DX?

The recommended tire pressures are located on the tire. Each brand of tire is different and you should follow the proper psi for each.

What is the tire pressure for a citroen dispatch?


What happens to the tire pressure in the tires as the tires move?

tire pressures will rise due to the tire heating up due to flexing and friction of it against the road surface. This is why the tire pressures are suppose to be set when they are cold.

What are the tire pressures for a Polo 1.4?

32 PSI

What are tire pressures for cbr1000f Honda?

f 36r

What are the Correct tire pressures for Honda CB 500?

It should have the recommended tire pressure on the side of each tire.

What are the correct tire pressures on a 1999 corvette?

There should be a sticker/plaque on the driver side door with vehicle information including recommended tire inflation pressures for front and rear.

What are Bar tire pressures for citroen c2?

2200 bar

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