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It's called matte black paint and it's available in other colors too if you need

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Q: What is the name of that black paint on cars which doesn't reflect anything and doesn't shine?
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Why do people paint their roofs silver than black?

Reflect heat (sunlight).

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because there back:) Most likely trains were painted black because they were iron or steel and had to have paint to protect them from rust; and "Black" was the cheapest paint available at the time. This is also the same reason that Henry Ford produced "Black" cars. Black pigment, used in paint, is made from carbon and you can get that from burning just about anything.

What is matte finish paint?

it is a very dull finish that doesnt reflect much light

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A white car would appear black under blue light, as the pigments in the white paint do not reflect blue light and therefore absorb it, creating the appearance of black.

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