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Pulse Rate is the number of times your heart beats in a minute. Breathing Rate (Respiratory Rate) is the number of times you breathe in one minute.

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Q: What is the difference between pulse rate and respiratory rate?
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What is the difference between normal and average respiratory rate?

The difference between normal and average respiratory rate is simple. Normal is healthy and cannot change and average most certainly can change.

What is difference between your pulse rate before and after eating?

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What is the difference between exercise and pulse rate?

the difference is that in excersize u wrk ur whole body with ekuipment and the other u get a pulse rate in having sex also

Is ther a connection between height and pulse rate?

Yes there is a connection between pulse rate and height.

What is the relation between hemoglobin count and pulse rate?

There is relationship between pulse rate and hemoglobin count because as per your blood sensitivity you got your pulse rate high and low so this is true that there is relation ship between pulse rate and hemoglobin count.

What are the 2 connections between respiration rate and pulse rate?

The respiration rate is your breathing rate and your pulse rate is your heart beat.

What is a pulse deficit?

A pulse deficit is the difference in the heart rate and pulse rate when both are checked simultaneously. Pulse deficits are quite often a sign of decreased cardiac output.

What's the difference between actual pulse rate and calculated pulse rate?

the calculated pulse is not accurate as you have only measured it fo 15 seconds. then multiplied it by four. Now as pulse is measured in BPM (Beats Per Minute) The accurate way is to actually time it for a minute and you will have an accurate answer.

What is a normal pulse rate for someone that is older that 29?

The normal resting pulse rate for someone age 26-35 is between 71 and 75 beats per minute, if you are a man. If you are a woman, the average pulse rate is between 73 and 76. If you are between these numbers, your pulse rate is in fact normal.

What measurements are included in taking a patient vital Signs?

Temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, pulse oximetery, and respiratory rate.

What is the relationship between exercise and your pulse rate?

The pulse rate goes up as the strenuousness of the exercise increases.

What is the relationship between pulse rate and recovery time after exercise?

recovery time makes the pulse rate normal=)