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The fuel tank capacity of the 1993 Yamaha XV Virago 1100 is 4.7 gallons. This is equivalent to 18 Liters.

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Q: What is fuel tank capacity for a 1993 Yamaha virago 1100?
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How do you drain fuel from 1993 Yamaha virago 1100?

pull the gas line off of the carburetor and let it drain.

What is the oil capacity for 1993 Yamaha virago 750?

Hi: The oil capacite for the 750 Virago is 3.3 quarts with filter or 3.2 quarts with out Frank;

How big is the gas tank on 1993 Yamaha 535 virago?

Fuel capacity is 3.6 US gal with .7 US gal reserve

What size is the Gas tank capacity for 1993 Yamaha virago 750?

3.2 gal. ( 12 l ) Reserve 0.7 gal. ( 2.6 l )

What year is the engine on a Yamaha Virago engine prefix 5E5?

It looks like this is a 1993 model.

What are the tire pressures for a 1993 Yamaha 535 Virago?

Front 2,0 bar rear 2,25 - one person Front 2,0 bar rear 2,50 - two person

Will a 1993 Honda st 1100 triple tree fit a1993 Honda shadow 1100?

will a 1993 honda triple tree fit a 1993 honda shadow 1100

Where is the oil filter on 1993 Yamaha virago 535?

In the engine block, on the forward end of the break-pedal side, behind a smaller cover (flush with the rest of the block cover), that is held in place by three hex head bolts.

When was Yamaha Wave Blaster created?

Yamaha Wave Blaster was created in 1993.

Torque spec for 1993 Yamaha xj600s?

34ftlb is the torque for 1993 Yamaha xj600s. I am giving the linkthat will increase the knowledge about bikes.

I have the number 4ew for a Yamaha motor what is the year?

it is 1993

What is the towing capacity on a 1993 Subaru?

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