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The direction from which the wind is mainly blowing from.

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Q: What is a prevaling wind?
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What are prevaling easterlies?

It just refers to a area where the wind usually blows in from the east.

Is trade wind warm or cold?

westerly is a warm wind. This depends on where you are, and when (the season) of the winds. The geography, weather, and climate of your location determine the relative temperature of winds.

What causes prevaling winds?

unheating soler movements

Which prevaling winds are Tokyo japan in?

prevailing easterlies

What term defines the prevaling type of weather in a place?


How did prevailing westerlies get its name?

They got their name by the westerlies prevaling

What are the winds that blows steadily from specific directions over long distance?

prevaling winds

What is ferrels law?

Ferrel's law is the change in direction of prevaling winds when it comes to the equator. This deflection is caused by some random molecular motion due to the rise in temperature

Where do thunderstorms appear in Britain?

As thunderstorms are transient atmospheric phenomena, they can occure anywhere in Britain driven by the prevaling atmospheic circulation.

Which side of a tree does moss grow and why?

Moss grows more on the most sheltered side of trees. A boy scout's trick for finding north was to look at the trees in a forest and see which side the moss grew; the assumption was that the prevaling wind came from the west so the moss grew on the east. This is a bit of an old wive's tale; local varation make it an unreliable way of finding north.

What are prevaling winds?

Prevailing Winds- Are winds that 'normally' blow in the same direction over large areas of Earth. For instance the prevailing winds across the Island forming the United Kingdom would be south westerlies.

How do prevailing winds affect the amount of precipitation an area receives?

it depends on the movement of huge air masses. air masses are moved from place to place by prevaling windsPrevailing winds can move rain producing clouds into or out of an area, the jet stream controls most of the weather in the northern hemisphere.