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what is a small oil painting by S.Manila worth

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Q: What is a large oil painting by s manila worth?
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How much is an A Sariano oil painting worth the certification number is 561657?

we also have an A. sariano painting but are unable to find out anything about the artist. Ours is a fairly large painting and we paid $75 for it.

What is a signed Keith lee oil painting worth?

Hello ...I have a large matador painting myself I was wondering If you had any luck with finding out the value of yours... Thank You, God bless

How much can an early Picasso 1888-1896 cost?

It all depends. A small drawing is not worth as much as a large oil painting.

How much is a thomas locker oil painting worth?

actual oil paintings I have seen can go from 3500 (small) to 15000 (large), lithographs and serigraphs 200 - 500

Information about a windsor painting of Claudia CB6024 30x38?

how much is this oil painting worth

Prices on oil paintings by everett woodson?

I just bought one for &20.00 from an individual. It is very large and I am sure it is worth much more than I paid. It is in excellent shape. It was worth for me and I want to share my source where I just purchase this precious painting. You can also purchase some amazing paintings from here specially oil paintings.

What is the largest Cesar Buenaventura oil painting?

Cesar Buenaventura is a landscape impressionist that hailed from Tondo, Manila in the Philippines. His largest painting is 'The Roman Times', an oil on canvas artwork with a size of 35' x 83'.

What is the old mill oil painting nobr2016-b2001 e thomas worth?

we have a 16 x 20 sign oil painting of the old mill what is it worth in todays market?

How muchlady of Italy oil painting by a makk worth?


1885 oil painting What is it worth?

prince lambert on canvas

How much is a Robad oilpainting worth?

The value of a Robad oil painting will depend on which painting it is. I recommend taking the painting to a local art dealer so they can inspect the painting and see how much it is worth.

How much is a painting by john duffin worth?

Naturally every painting has a different value. It depends on size, style etc. Oil painting for example is in general worth more than a watercolour painting, large painting will be worth more than a small painting etc. You can try to establish a price by looking at John Duffin's official Web site featuring almost all of his work, with desciptions of the paintings and drawings. Many of them have prices