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A gathering/group of architects is known as a confusion of architects

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Q: What is a group of architects called?
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What Does Synomatically Mean?

synomatic is a group of digital architects,designers and developers

Where can one find residential architects in Arizona?

One can find residential architects in Arizona from the following sources: AIA Arizona, Frank Lloyd Wright, RSP Arizona, K & I Architects, Deutsch Architecture Group, Arizona Residential Architects, to name few.

What is a person called when he he draws plans for buildings?

An Architect

What is the name of a person that studies buildings?

I believe they are called architects

What is the job title of someone who designs buildings?

They are called architects.

Who designed the Denver airport?

The design was started by the Perez Architects group, and later completed by the Fentress Bradburn Architects of Denver. The mayor at the time, Federico Pena was also instrumental in the design.

What are those things architects use to figure out the porpotionite size of a building they're called blue somethings?

They are called blue prints. Architects use them to plan and size their buildings, and the things within them.

What group of people pay the least for auto insurance?

Lawyers, Architects, Accountants, Bankers, Insurance Professionals & Teachers.

What is the possessive for architects?

The possessive form for the plural noun architects is architects'.

What is a house designer called?

Architects design houses and other buildings.

What health benefits do architects earn?


Who is the patron saint of architects?

Saint Thomas the apostle and Saint Barbara are the patron saints of architects The patron saints of architects are: