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On rear wheel drive engines, the oil pan at the bottom of the engine does not completely connect to the block. It has to make room for the crankshaft at the front and the drive shaft/crankshaft at the rear. this is a half circle design in the oil pan to match the same design at the bottom of the block. In order to keep your oil in the system, there is a gasket that is either heavy cork or rubber that conforms to the shapes of the pan and block while at the same time it is wrapped around the crankshaft. When either the front or rear "main seal" "blows", it is simply worn too thin to prevent the oil from leaking out. The same theory applie to front wheel drive engines.

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Q: What is a blown seal?
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What are the signs of a blown ring seal?

Blue smoke out the tailpipe--lots of it. If its a blown ring seal, then the oil is being "blown" into the air cleaner, burned up and out the exhaust. Also, the engine oil level will be next to nothing.

Why wont your bb gun hold the air you pump?

Most likely it has a blown seal.

88 rx7 with a 1.3b you have coolant going into your cylinder is there a way that you can check what gasket went or Do you have to pull it all apart?

Rotaries don't have cylinders, heads, or head gaskets! It sounds like you have blown a water seal, which is the equivalent to a blown head gasket usually attributed to overheating. Unfotunately, a blown h20 seal requires a rebuild to fix!

Why is power steering fluid leeking from underneath your vehicle?

You have a broken hose or a blown seal in the steering system.

When do use steel seal?

If you have a blown head gasket. you pour it in the radiator and it's suppose to fix your blown head gasket. I've never used it so i don't know if it actually works

What does a blown head gasket mean?

A blown head gasket means the seal around the cylinder heads is leaking. It will leak oil and over heat until the engine seizes unless it is repaired.

Why does water come out of radiator cap of 1996 Honda civic?

You have a faulty cap, seal, gasket, or a blown cylinder head.

How would Grease get inside brake drum?

A blown out rear axle seal will cause grease to leak out into the brake drums

My 86 Mazda rx7 is blowing white smoke out the tailpipe and looseing coolant what does this mean?

Blown h20 seal in engine or turbo !!

Does steel seal really works on blown head gasket?

As an emergency repair yes. The only permanent repair is to replace the gasket.

How do change a blown head gasket on a 1989 Nissan 240SX?

try using steel seal. you put it in your coolant and it seal the leak if theres exhaust gases in your radiator fluid or if your getting radiator fluid into your piston area. check out steel seal and i swear it will work for you its great!

Why is oil in the water in your 90 cavalier?

Most likely is that a gasket or seal has blown, or a crack in the engine block is letting water in from the cooling system.

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