What is PHEOC?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD: A five-step process that scientists use to solve problems

The acronym for the steps is PHEOC

PHEOC is an acronym for

PROBLEM: Scientists start with a problem and form a question from the problem

HYPOTHESIS: Scientists then make a scientific prediction about the results of an experiment

EXPERIMENT: Scientists make a plan to solve the problem and put it into action

OBSERVATION: As the experiment is taking place, a scientist will watch what happens and take notes on what is happening

CONCLUSION: After the experiment is over, scientists make a final statement about the results, and if their prediction was correct or not

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Q: What is PHEOC?
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problem hypothesis experiment observation conclusion PS: dont laugh at my answer I am only 9!!!!!!!!!!!!! PHEOC is very popular in science to know which comes next