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U will die

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2012-05-30 21:48:12
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Q: What happens if you accidentally swallow 'white spirits' paint thinner?
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What is the substance that dissolves in thinner?

It is the solute. "Thinner" usually means mineral spirits, and a LOT of things will dissolve in mineral spirits.

What is a another name for paint thinner?

Mineral Spirits

Does paint thinner and or mineral spirits contain methanol?


What do you use to thin enamel paint?

mineral spirits or lacquer thinner.

Thinner or reducer for oil based paint?

Thinner--specifically, mineral spirits. Reducer is used in urethane car paint.

What is the pH level of paint thinner?

Paint thinner is usually mineral spirits and does not contain water, therefore, it does not have a pH level.

Does mineral spirits damage hair?

Mineral spirits is a parts cleaner/paint thinner. Do not apply mineral spirits to your hair. Your hair will be very dry and very brittle.

What is the chemical composition of charcoal lighter fluid?

Paint thinner (mineral spirits).

Define mineral spirits?

Mineral spirits is a colorless liquid that is made from petroleum. It is commonly used as a paint thinner and sometimes as a solvent.

What happens to the earth's atmosphere as elevation increases?

it gets thinner and thinner

Is varsol same as mineral spirits?

Paint thinner, varsol, and mineral spirits are essentially the same. There are slight differences in the chemistry, but they are functionally equivalent.

What is difference between lacquer thinner and paint thinner?

Paint thinner is mineral spirits. Lacquer thinner is hotter than paint thinner and is used to thin lacquer paint,to clean surfaces prior to painting and to clean up some dried paints.

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