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None its just there as art

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Q: What gang uses a black rose tattoo on the hand?
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What is the meaning of a black rose tattoo?

There many meanings that may be derived from a black rose tattoo. This is commonly associated with death, darkness, farewell and so on.

Black rose tattoo?

The black rose is a symbol of the anarchist movement. In anime, the black rose symbolizes the dark side of human nature.

Do wiz khalifa have amber rose taTtoo on him?

yes on his hand

Is a rose on the leg a gang tattoo?

Portland 503 you don't want to rep that you might get in trouble

What tattoo does Craig mabbit have on his hand?

"Leila Rose" (the name of his daughter)

When was Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo album - created?

Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo album - was created in 1980.

Tattoo of a gothic rose?

Generally speaking, this refers simply to a black rose or to a boquet of either black or dead roses.

What does a gang drawing of a rose symbolize?

In the prison culture, tattooing carries specific symbolism. A tattoo of a rose indicates that the bearer came of age in prison.

What kind of rose tattoo would a man get?

men get black roses only

When was Rose Tattoo created?

Rose Tattoo was created in 1976.

What does a purple rose tattoo mean?

A dark purple rose is usually called a black rose, and is a symbol for death or despair. This is my understanding at least!

Black rose tattoo to cover the spider tattoo?

covering with solid black is a bad idea. most of the time, you can still see the underlying tattoo. the rose is probably a good idea (organics make for GREAT coverups), but you should seek the advice of a well-experienced tattoo artist for any cover up.

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