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A Submission move in the UFC refers to a hold like a Guillotine Choke or a Kimura lock where one fighter locks up his opponent in such a way that one of their body parts is compressed/stretched which causes immense pain. The person who is caught in the hold is given a chance to top out which means that they agree to lose the fight. This is called a "Submission" which is a very popular way of winning a fight.

Some of the popular submission holds are: Guillotine Choke, Kimura, Arm-bar, Rear naked choke etc

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Q: What does submission mean in UFC?
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Who won in UFC 135 rampage or Jones?

Jon Jones by fourth round submission.

How do you roll and attempt a leglock in ufc undisputed for PS3?

get on top in full guard and do a submission

Who won UFC 140?

The main event of UFC 140 was the fight between Lyoto Machida and Jon Jones for the UFC Light Heavyweight championship. Jones won the match by submission in the second round to defend his title. The other main match at UFC 140 was between Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira which Mir won by a Kimura Lock submission in the first round.

Who was the oldest UFC fighter who was the oldest UFC fighter?

The oldest fighter ever to participate in a UFC event was Ron Van Clief, who fought in UFC 4 at age 51. Van Clief lost his only UFC fight by submission to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu specialist Royce Gracie.

What does matter taken under submission mean?

What does taken under submission mean?

Why do the fighters always get out when you do a submission in UFC Undisputed 2009?

You have to keep the submission going. move the R3 button in a circular motion as fast as you can. if your fighter has good submission skills and your opponent doesn't (and he's a little tired), you should get it.

Who was the first UFC champion?

Well Royce Gracie won the first UFC tournament at UFC 1.But the first actual champion was Ken Shamrock who won the Superfight championship at UFC 6 by defeating Dan " The Beast" Severn by submission via rear naked chocke.

How do you get out of a submission in UFC undisputed 2009?

wat i do is i just tap any of the X Y B or A rilly fast

Who defeated brock lesnar in UFC?

Frank Mir defeated Brock in UFC 81 by submission (kneebar) in the first round Cain also defeated Brock in UFC 121 by TKO in the first round last but not least Alistair Overeem in UFC 141 by TKO in the first round

How do you finish a submission in UFC Undisputed 2009?

All you simply do is when your on top press the right joystick. After that you press it rapidly and depending on how high your submission offense is it should work 99% of the time.

Why don't females fight in the UFC?

Maybe because it was thought that UFC was dangerous for women. But, this isn't true. Recently women have started to fight in the UFC. In fact one of the recent UFC events - UFC 157 was headlined by the fight between Ronda Rousey Vs. Liz Carmouche for the UFC Womens Bantamweight championship which Rousey won in the first round by submission (arm-bar)

What does submittance mean?


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