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You like men

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Q: What does a skull tattoo between index finger and thumb symbolize?
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What does a star tattoo on the area between the thumb and index finger symbolize?

It doesn't necessarily mean anything... what and where people get tattoos is their own preference and opinion

What does a Tattoo of a cross between the thumb and the index finger symbolize?

Im trying to figure out the same thing....== A tattoo of a cross between the thumb and index finger means that the person has Christian spiritual beliefs.if you are british its a symbol a skinhead recieves when their gang has been at war with another gang, from the 1980s i think

What is the significance of a star tattoo on the left hand of a male between the thumb and index finger?

from detroit

What does a tattoo between your thumb and index finger mean?

If it is a cross it means you're a devout Christian.

Which finger is the index finger?

The index finger is between your thumb and middle finger.

What does Rihanna's arm tattoo say?

on her index finger it says, "Shhh"

What is purlicue?

space between extended thumb and index finger space between extended thumb and index finger

What does a tattoo on your index finger mean?

It depends on what the tattoo is of. Many people get mustaches in an attempt to be hip, multiple celebrities have "shh..." (or some varriation.)

Is the index finger the middle finger?

No, the index finger is next to the thumb. Then the middle finger. Then the ring finger. Then the little finger, sometimes called pinky. no its the one between the middle finger and the thumb. The one you point it.

What the Different between woman hand man hand?

Is it that a mans ring finger is longer than his index finger and a womans index finger is longer than her ring finger?

Which finger is your index finger?

The finger which is on the right side of your middle finger in the right hand or the finger between the thumb and the middle finger.

What is a wajina?

The webbing in between your index finger and your thumb