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a rose on your elbow id suppose

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โˆ™ 2009-01-10 02:16:39
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Q: What does a rose tattoo on the elbow symbolize?
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What does a sun tattoo on the elbow symbolize?

A sun tattoo on the elbow symbolizes power, masculinity, and youth. It might also symbolize creativity or truth and light.

What does a tribal star tattoo on the elbow symbolize?


What is the meaning of a rose tattoo on the wrist?

There are a number of different meanings that a rose tattoo on the wrist could have. A rose tattoo may symbolize life for example.

What does a butterfly with a rose tattoo symbolize?

hearts love butterflys??

What does a spider on your elbow symbolize?

A spider on the elbow symbolizes that the wearer has killed an enemy. The tattoo of a spider on the elbow can also be a message for enemies to stay away.

What does a spider web tattoo on the elbow symbolize?

A spider web on the elbow can, in some circles, be a gang affiliated tattoo, with rungs of the spider web correlating to kills the person has committed.

What does a rose and skull tattoo symbolize?

it means love and least to me it does

What does a swallow rose tattoo symbolize?

Josh P is a big'ol tool!

What does a skull inside a rose tattoo symbolize?

A skull inside of a rose tattoo does not have a specific meaning, it can vary from person to person. It does seem that many people get this tattoo as a symbol of love.

What do petals on a rose tattoo symbolize?

The rose is a symbol of the Goddess Aphrodite. The number of petals on a rose are often symbolized in numerology.

What does a bearded fighting fish tattoo symbolize?

There aren't any universal meanings for tattoo symbols. Check out tattoo symbolism here: But remember, sometimes a rose is just a rose. It doesn't mean or symbolize anything!

What tattoos symbolizes eternal beauty?

A symbol for eternal beauty is the rose. You can get a tattoo of a rose to symbolize eternal beauty.

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