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Obviously blue blue and more blue

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2022-03-27 20:45:59
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2008-11-22 02:55:30

Red orange pink Red orange pink

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2012-10-09 14:11:12

Obviously blue blue and more blue

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Q: What colors are in the red family?
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What are the best colors to wear for a family photograph?

Dark RED :)

Yellow and orange belong to which family?

yellow belongs to the primary colors along with red and blue. orange belongs to the secondary colors along with purple and green. this is because red + yellow = orange!

What colors do red block?

Colors don't block; they absorb and reflect. Red absorbs all colors but red; red only reflects red.

Why did the villagers wave red and blue flags at the wedding in Downtown Abbey?

They are the colors from the family's coat of arms.

What are 3 letter colors?

Red and tan are 3 letter colors.

Is gray a hot colour?

No, grey is a cool color; hot colors would be in the red, yellow, orange family.

What are lentils in the Bible?

An eatable seed of the legume family coming in several colors - green, yellow, brown, red.

What colors are associated with the vaticam?

Are you asking about the Zodiac Sign, Aries? If so, the colors associated with it are of the red family. Crimson, rose, etc. It does not matter how light or dark the shade is.

Blue and red are complementary colors?

no, blue and orange are complementary colors and red and green are complementary colors

What colors are the roadrunner?

The roadrunner's colors are red, gray, and brown. The roadrunner's colors are red, gray, and brown.

What colors do you mix to get red?

Red is one of the three primary colors, the other two being blue and yellow. This means that colors cannot be mixed to create red, red is mixed with the other primary colors to create other colors, secondary and tertiary colors.

When mixing colors what makes red?

Red is one of the three primary colors.

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