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Q: What biological process do most producers go through?
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Organisms that manufacture organic nutrients for an ecosystem are called?

Organisms that manufacture organic nutrients for an ecosystem are called producers. Most plants are producers, as they manufacture organic nutrients through the process of photosynthesis.

Most biological macromolecules are formed by the process of?

Dehydration reactions.

How do most producers meet their energy needs?

Most producers are plants. These organisms get their energy from the sun. They use this energy that they can store in their system to process the food that they make for themselves.

Why do most fashion producers sell directly to retail store rather than through wholesalers?

Why do most fashion producers sell directly to retail stores rather than through wholesalers

The energy flowing through a food chain is most available to the?


What animals in the ocean are producers?

In a marine ecosystem, algae are the producers. Algae are producers because they make their own food through the process of photosynthesis just like green plants. Consumers are the other types of organisms in this ecosystem.

What is the process that some producers use to make food?

most are plants or algae and so use photosynthesis

Most producers are?

Most producers are plants.

What process do producers use to make their food?

Most producers use a process known as photosynthesis to produce food. Photosynthesis converts sunlight, water, and CO2 into something known as glucose, which is what plants use to grow. Other producers (like fungi) uses the waste in the environment through the process known as biodegredation. Biodegredation breaks down wastes (rotten trees, dead animals, etc...) and converts it into food.

Are dandelions producers in a food chain?

yes i do belive so i mean in most cases if not all cases producers can make there own food through photosinthesis

What do organisms need in their environment to continue the life process?

most need sun light, producers, water and other animals

Which primary producers in most ocean ecosystems and that which produce energy through photosynthesis?

Phytoplankton are single celled primary producers present in the sunlit upper layers of the ocean. These include diatoms, cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates etc. All life depends on these primary producers to acquire entry through photosynthesis.