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why the hell are you driving a 79 Ford Escort?

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Q: What are the point gap settings for a 1979 ford escort 2.0l?
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Ford Escort 1995 engine torque settings?

Get a manual.

What are the point gap settings for a 1976 Ford Escort?

The car has electornic ignition. There are no points. The timing is a coil packand set for life.

Caliper brake torque settings for a ford escort?

The torque settings for the caliper pins on a Ford Escort is 21 ft-lbs. For the caliper anchor bolts, the setting is 98 ft-lbs.

What are the spark plug gap settings for a 1996 ford escort?


Torque settings for 97 Ford Escort transmission pump?

14 to 18 lbs/ft.

1998 ford escort ac compressor won't shut off on all settings?

why wont the ac compressor shut off stays on on all settings

Where is the idle screw on a 2000 Ford Escort?

There is no idle screw. The idle air control valve controls the idle and can be set on different settings. You should consult a Ford dealer or mechanic for proper settings.

What Ford car is the successor to the escort?

The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus. The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus. The direct succesor to the Ford Escort is the Ford Focus.

How are the cylinders numbered on a 1979 ford escort?

should be front to back 1-2-3-4

Cylinder head torque wrench settings for 1600 Ford Escort?

Get a manual on your car and it will give you the settings of the intake, exhaust bolts plus the head bolts and torque pattern.

What is the point gap for 1989 ford 4-cylinder?

The 1989 Ford Escort is computer controlled and therefore has no points or gap.

Are the transmissions from a 1997 Ford Escort and a 1995 Ford Escort interchangeable?


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