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They're small colorful frogs that in the wild ooze really nasty poison from their skin. They get their name from the natives who've used the frogs to make poison for their poisoned darts.

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Q: What are poison dart frogs?
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How do Poison Dart Frogs act with other Poison Dart Frogs?


How big are poison dart frogs?

Poison Dart Frogs are about the size of your thumbnail

What part of the poison dart frog holds the poison dart?

Poison dart frogs got that name not because the frogs have poison darts - they haven't - but because humans used the poison from the frogs to poison their darts.

Are posion dart frogs anphbians?

No an arthrood is an insect and such but a poison dart frog is an amphibian

What plant does the poison dart frog get its poison from?

No frogs eat plants. Poison dart frogs get their poison from fire ants.

Can snakes eat poison dart frogs?

some types of snakes can eat the poison dart frogs, if they can cope with the poison.

How does poison dart frogs breath?

Adult Poison dart frogs breath through their skin and lungs

Are blue poison dart frogs producers?

Poison dart frogs are carnivores, which would make them consumers.

Do poison dart frogs have feet?

poison dart frogs do not have webbed feet. they have sticky pads on there feet

What types of amphibians can poison dart frogs live with?

Any Species that share the same poison traits, such as... Poison Dart Frogs.

What is a poisonous dart frogs scientific name?

They are called poison dart frogs.

Are poison dart frogs related to poison arrow frogs?

yes they are exactly the same, the poison arrow frog is also called a poison dart frog