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Emmett Kelly Sr. pictures are worth $75.00, I found this out on at the following address:

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Q: What are Emmett kelly sr. paintings?
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What elementary school did Emmett Kelly Sr go to?


What is the birth name of Emmett Kelly?

Emmett Kelly's birth name is Emmett Leo Kelly.

Did Emmett Kelly do paintings of other clowns and did he sign only Emmett on them?

Emmett Kelly, Sr. was a wonderful artist, but he did not paint other clowns. He did self portrait cartoons (you can see one on our Emmet Kelly, Sr. facebook page), but not other clowns. He started out wanting to be a political cartoonist, but took a job creating ads in the 1920 for movie theatres which is where he came up with the idea for "Willie", the sad-faced clown character which eventually became his alter-ego. He was my father-in-law and I can vouch for the fact he did not paint/draw other clowns.

What is Emmett Kelly's birthday?

Emmett Kelly was born on December 9, 1898.

When was Emmett Kelly born?

Emmett Kelly was born on December 9, 1898.

Who is the famed clown who tried to sweep away the spotlight with a broom?

Emmet Kelly

What school did Emmett Kelly go to?

Emmett Leo Kelly (December 9, 1898 - March 28, 1979), a native of Sedan, Kansas, was an American circus performer, who created the memorable clown figure "Weary Willie," based on the hobos of the Depression era. Kelly began his career as a trapeze artist. By 1923, Emmett Kelly was working his trapeze act with John Robinson's circus when he met and married Eva Moore, another circus trapeze artist. They later performed together as the "Aerial Kellys" with Emmett still performing occasionally as a white face clown.

What has the author Emmett Kelly written?

Emmett Kelly has written: 'Clown' -- subject(s): Clowns

How old was Emmett Kelly at death?

Emmett Kelly died on March 28, 1979 at the age of 80.

What occupation did Emmett Kelley do for a living?

Emmett kelly was a clown

What country was Emmett Kelly born in?

Emmett Kelly was born in Sedan, Kansas, USA on 9th December 1898

What is the web address of the Emmett Kelly Museum in Sedan Kansas?

The web address of the Emmett Kelly Museum is: