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It depends one what satellite it is. Differents types of satellite orbit the Earth at different altitudes. In Low Earth Orbit satellites travel between 160km and 2000km above the Earth, in Medium Earth Orbit they travel between 2000km and 35000km above the Earh, and in Geostationary Orbit they travel above 160km and below 35000km around the Equator.

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Q: What altitude does a google satellite orbit the earth?
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How long does a satellite take to orbit the earth once?

It depends on its altitude.

Do all satellites orbit Earth at the same altitude?

No, all satellites do not orbit Earth at the same altitude. An good overview of this can be found on This overview reviews Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit and Geostationary Orbits.

What is the altitude of a satellite which takes 90 minutes to complete its orbit?

Such a satellite must be fairly close to the Earth's surface.

How far can a satellite go into orbit?

The commonly used altitude classifications are Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and High Earth Orbit (HEO). Low Earth orbit is any orbit below 2000 km, and Medium Earth Orbit is any orbit higher than that but still below the altitude for geosynchronous orbit at 35786 km. High Earth Orbit is any orbit higher than the altitude for geosynchronous orbit.

How long would a communication satellite take to orbit the earth?

If it's geostationary, it doesn't. If its a LEO (low earth orbit), you'd need to know its altitude.

How long does it take a satellite to orbit earth?

The altitude of the orbit is inversely related to the orbital period. The higher the satellite, the longer the orbit. "Low Earth Orbit" satellites, or LEO for short, orbit in about 90 minutes. There are satellites at all different altitudes (with different purposes) all with different orbits. Satellites in Geo-synchronouse Earth Orbit, or GEO, orbit the earth every 24 hours. These are mostly communication satellites, where the satellite needs to stay in one place over the earth.

Where do satellites orbit Earth?

Satellite orbit the Earth at different altitudes. A good overview of Low Earth Orbit, Medium Earth Orbit and Geostationary Orbit can be found here:

How far up in space are satellites?

The altitude varies according to the type of satellite. * Low Earth Orbit satellites are up to 1240 miles or 2000km high. * Medium Earth Orbit satellites fit between the Low and High Earth Orbit satellite altitudes. * High Earth Orbit satellites above 22240 miles or 35786 km.

If altitude increases the required orbital speed of a satellite should?

For any body in a closed orbit around another body, the farther apart the two bodies are, the slower the satellite moves in its orbit.. When the Space Shuttle is in "low earth orbit", it moves faster than the Moon is moving in its orbit. A satellite in an elongated orbit, that spends some of the time close to the earth and some of the time farther away, moves fastest at its lowest altitude, and slowest when it is furthest away.

What is the orbital period of a geosynchronous orbit?

If a satellite is in geosynchronous orbit, it will take the satellite 24 hours, a day, to orbit the Earth once. This is so because geosynchronous orbit is when a satellite orbit the Earth at such a time, that is is over the Earth at all times.

What is geostationary satellite?

A satellites period, the time it takes it to go around the earth, is determined, in part, by its altitude. The further away it is then the longer it will take. You can calculate an altitude where it will take just one day to make an orbit. If this is done then though the satellite orbits the earth it appears to be stationary above one point of the earth. This orbit must be above, or very near to, the equator. For the earth this altitude is approximately 36,000 km (22,000 miles)

What is the layer of the atmosphere that satellites orbit earth in?

Any satellite would have to orbit Earth outside the atmosphere. If it orbits a an altitude at which there is still a significant amount of atmosphere, it would quickly lose energy and crash towards Earth.

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