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The tie-dye technique for dyeing fabric has been around since the fourth century before current. Although I am guessing it is the bright swirling designs of the 60's that you are most likely referring to. The technique is still around today and although fashion trends changed in the 80's there certainly were old hold outs that continued to decorate clothing in that manner.

See the related link below for the history of Tie-Dye

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YES because i was the way to make cloth in the old days!!I HOPE THIS INFO IS HELPFUL!!:) ;) thank you n plz leave like or not thx

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Q: Was there tie dye in the 1980?
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Is tie dye a fad?

NO WAY! I love tie dye!

What hippie clothing is made with rubber bands and dye?

tie dye. tie-dye, man, tie-dye it's groovy That would be tie-dye. Bits of fabric are bunched together, secured with rubber bands and dipped into various colors of dye to create the color effects.

What dyes can be used to do tie dye?

For a colorfast tie dye a fiber reactive dye is needed such as Procion Dye from the Dharma Trading Company. Rit dye can be used but is not fiber reactive and not colorfast and the tie dye will fade colors after each wash.

Where did tie dye begin?

Japanese Shibori is an influence on modern tie dye designs.

Is there tie dye lipstick?

No tie dye is a color combination like hippie colors

What countries still use tie dye?

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Why do hippies wear tie dye?

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Is there some meaning about marriage and tie-dye clothing?

There is no traditional use of tie-dye in wedding ceremonies or parties, but that doesn't mean that you can't add it into yours. If tie-dye is important to you, you can add it into your wedding in many different ways. You can have people wear tie-dye, you can have tie-dye decorations, or you can even have a tie-dye station. Just because it isn't traditional, doesn't mean it's not a good idea.

What are the names of the different patterns in tie dye?

the project name of different type of tie-dye?

Why was tie-dye used in the 1960's?

tie dye will not work if you don't tie the string hard enough also tie dye is not dark colours it is bright and it was found 5000 years ago in India,bandhani. also tie dye is what it sounds like in the name tying and dying string cloth/ fabric and multi colour tie dye wasn't found until 1950

How can you make tie dye t shirts with food coloring?

can you tie dye shirts with food coloring

Will tie dye shirts fade if you don't iron them?

No. I've had a couple of tie-dye shirts for several years, and they never faded after not ironing them (I never ironed them, and I used cheap tie-dye spray from my local craft store.)