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They include flat (matte), satin, semi- and hi gloss. It depends on if it is oil or water based. Varnish & stains offer different sheen options, also.

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Eggshell or semi-gloss

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Q: Type of paint with light sheen?
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What is matte finish paint?

it is a very dull finish that doesnt reflect much light

What type of sheen on outdoor house paint?

Exteriors typically call for flat or satin and semi-gloss on trim.

Is matte the same as flat?

It depends on the paint and the manufacturer. Some flats have a slight matte-like sheen, however, in a paint line the matte sheen should have a higher sheen than the flat version, but a lower sheen than the eggshell version.

Can you paint low sheen paint over hi gloss paint?

As long as they are the same base you can do that.

What is the difference from base paint and semi gloss latex paint?

Base paint is also known as flat paint, or flat wall paint, or matt paint and is a latex paint. Flat paint is just that, flat or dull with no sheen at all. Semi-gloss is an enamel that dries very hard and can be found in a low sheen (satin) a medium sheen (semi-gloss) and a high sheen (high gloss) Flat paint is usually used on walls and ceilings where as semi-gloss is used in kitchens, bathrooms, doors an jambs because it helps hold back the inherent moisture in those areas.

What type of paint should you use on a bathroom wall after you strip the wall from wallpaper?

Use a sealer if the drywall was damaged while removing the wallpaper, then use a high quality latex paint in the sheen of your choice.

What is flat latex paint?

It is water based paint that has no sheen to it and does not clean well. Usually used on ceilings.

How can I reduce the sheen of an oil-base paint before it is applied?

Just use satin finish paint.

What is meaning of dull paint?

I'll assume you mean "matte paint", in which case it is simply a paint which isn't reflective and has no sheen (ie. it isn't shiny) to it.

What is the difference between acrylic and eggshell paint?

Two entirely different things. Acrylic is a type of water-based paint (usually latex/acrylic) and eggshell refers to the sheen (ie flat, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, etc...). Also some people assume eggshell refers to a certain color, however with many paint companies, the term "eggshell" refers to the sheen texture (feels like an egg shell) and not the color of an egg (which, of course, depends entirely on the type of bird if came from). :)

How do you get grease splatters off the wall without the paint coming off too?

It depends on the type and sheen of the paint. If its a flat latex then your best bet is to Kiltz the area then repaint. A semi to hi-gloss should safely clean with a standard detergent

What is the difference between satin and semi-gloss paint?

Satin is lower gloss than semi-gloss paint. Paint finishes in order of decreasing gloss are: * Gloss * Semi-gloss * Satin/Low sheen * Flat Some manufacturers call Satin/Low sheen finish Eggshell, and others regard this as a finish between Satin/Low sheen and Flat paint. The higher the gloss finish the easier it is to clean, the higher its durabillity and the more it shows surface imperfections.