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my steering wheel is locked my tires are straight and everything and it refuses to unlock what do i do?

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โˆ™ 2009-01-02 12:26:43
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Q: The steering wheel ignition and shifter are locked up how can they be unlocked?
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Steering and ignition locked on 97 cavalier?

The steering and ignition will become locked on a 97 Chevy Cavalier if the key is not inserted into the ignition and turned. This helps to prevent theft.

How do you get your car ignition out of the locked position?

Try wiggling the steering wheel

How do you remove a key that is locked in the ignition on a 1999 GMC Jimmy?

There is a broken wire below your shifter in the console. This controls a solenoid that releases the key. The shifter in the center consle has a part that controls a current to solenoid in your steering column. A quick fix is a nail or piece of wire to release the key. This is in the steering column. There is a pop out that must pushed in to release the key. A longer term fix to replace the part in the shifter.

What would cause a gear shifter to be stuck in park and the car won't start?

Your steering column is locked. how do you fix it

Monte Carlo ignition won't turn steering wheel not locked?


Ignition wont turn?

Your key could be worn. Try moving your steering wheel while turning the ignition. If the locked steering is in a bind the key will not turn over.

Key wont turn in ignition is the ignition locked?

So it would seem. If the ignition is in the column it may also be jammed by the steering wheel lock. Try turning the steering wheel and holding it while turning the ignition key.

My steering wheel is locked and I have no key how do I get it unlocked?

Call a locksmith or take the VIN to a VW dealer with proof of ownership and get a key made.

Why will your ignition on a 1976 corvette not return to the locked position?

Could have something to do with the shifter not going all the way in to park. The key may be excessively worn, the pin that locks the steering wheel may be hung up, the lock and tumbler may be bad....

How do you remove a key that is stuck from the ignition of a 1996 Dodge Caravan Steering wheel is not locked and cannot start the vehicle?

You can't, you have to replace the ignition switch

Yukon key wont turn steering wheel not locked?

There may be something jammed inside your ignition. If this is not the problem then you will need to have a new ignition installed.

Why won't your key turn in the ignition of the GM Envoy?

It is very possible that your steering wheel is locked. You may also be having a problem with your ignition system.Ê

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