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Q: The blood pressure gradient from the aorta to the capillaries is greater than the blood pressure gradient from the venules to the right atrium?
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Is the blood pressure gradient from the aorta to the capillaries greater than the the blood pressure gradient from the venules to the right atrium?

Yes, the highest in the aorta and larger elastic arties, and decreses as the arteries branch and blood travels farther from the heart.Blood pressure drops significantly in the arterioles and steadily decreses through capillaries, venules, and veins, and drops to zero in the right atrium.

What are tiny blood vessels called?


What carries blood to the venules?


What connect arterioles to venules?


What do capillaries merge into?


What functions do capillaries and postcapillary venules share?

Small postcapillary venules consist entirely of endothelium just like capillaries (the larger venules have smooth muscle and thin externa as well). Also both capillaries and venules have no elastic tissues. Postcapillary venules are extremely porous which makes them more like capillaries then veins, and fluid and WBC's move easily into the bloodstream through these walls.

How are arterioles capillaries and venules related?

Arterioles are the small arteries that lead into the capillaries, which connect to cells in the body. Venules are the small veins that the capillaries flow back into, leaving the cells.

Where does blood go when it leaves the capillaries?

Renal vein It is not renal vein. It is venules. renal vein is only at one point of the body, were talking capillaries; which are all over the body.

What are the smallest veins?

cappillaries==============The smallest veins in the body are the venules. Capillaries join venules and arterioles (the smallest arteries) together. Arteries carry the blood from the heart around the whole body; while veins carry the blood back to the heart. They are joined by the capillaries, where the most important actions happen.More information in related links.

What does a capillary lead into?

Capillaries lead to the smallest venules. The capillaries connect arteries and veins.

Capillaries receive blood from vessels called?


What do arteries flow into before flowing into venules?