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They are not bad for the epidermis, unless you were to color the area of skin over and over and over. Even if this were to be the case, you're most likely looking at a bad case of dermatitis, but nothing too threatening. In point of fact of this, it takes upwards of a liquid ounce of the fluid to case any type of reaction at all unless you happen to be allergic to propanol, butanol, diacetone, or cresol based alcohols, which are a main ingredient in the marker. The last three are especially noteworthy in that they are industrial grade solvents. You DO NOT want to use King Sized or more industrial intended markers as these mainly contain xylene and cresol, which are quite bad for you in conjunction, but the xylene more so than the other. And lastly, not that it needs to be stated I think, but you NEVER use this ink for tattooing purposes outright!

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Q: Is sharpie bad for your skin?
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Is sharpie hazardus to your skin?

No, sharpies are not hazardous to your skin, because when ever i use sharpie i get it on my skin. Nothing ever happens.

Should you tattoo with a sharpie?

No, you should not mark on your skin. The ink and chemicals in the Sharpie will get in your skin, sometimes a Sharpie Marker can or may stay on top of the skin and start going deeper into the human's pores!

Can drawing as mastach on your face with a perment marker speisipicly a sharpie cause any damage?

The word is "specifically" and the sharpie itself won't do anyhting bad if it's only on for a short period of time. The issue is with getting it off. Scrubbing, sandpaper, and chemicals are VERY bad for you skin, especially the face. Sharpie usually stays on for several days.

Is it bad to get stabbed with a sharpie pen?

It is bad to be stabbed with anything. Getting stabbed with a sharpie is not worse than anything else.

Is coloring your hair with sharpie bad for your hair?

The permanent marker contains harmful chemicals and just as your skin absorbs ink, your hair might as well.

Can you die from putting sharpie on your skin?

No. Putting ink on your skin will not kill you. It will look ugly, but not kill you.

If someone were to create the illusion of a tattoo by writing on their skin daily with a Sharpie marker would anything bad happen to them?

Not medically although they may suffer from bullying if caught.

Can you get lead poisoning from a sharpie?

No. Sharpie markers do not have lead of any kind and the soft points are not likely to penetrate the skin. The "lead" in lead pencils (of Sharpie brand and any other) is graphite, not truly lead.

Is eyeliner bad for your eyes?

Yes it is harmful, the chemical in the highlighter are basically the same as coloring your hair with Sharpie! The chemicals can get absorbed through the hair into your skin. Just as coloring your skin .

How do you get sharpie of?

i find that dawn dish soap gets it off your skin the best

What soap will take sharpie off the skin?

Well, you don't really need soap, but if you mix water and baking soda and rub it on the skin where the sharpie is it will go away! U don't even have to rub hard. Hope that helped :)

How do you get sharpie ink off?

I got some Sharpie on my arm last night, and I got it off in just seconds with Tecnu. Tecnu removes Poison Oak and other Ivy oils, and apparently it removes Sharpie marks off skin.