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Replace the cable with a new one. Cables don't stretch unless they are frayed somewhere. It's going to break sooner or later.

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Q: How to shorten Hood cable that has been stretched and hood will not open?
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Why is the trunk latch on your 2002 Honda Civic not opening the trunk when you press it?

The reason is because the cable connecting to the latch has already been over stretched. Changing a new cable should rectify your problem.

How to manually release hood on buick regal that the interior switch has been broken?

it is next to drivers side on floor in front, take pliers and pull up on cable, this will release hood latch

The hood release will not work on your 1992 cadillac sedan deville how do you open it?

Unless the car has been wrecked, the usual problem is a stuck or broken hood release cable. If you go under the dash you can usually get hold of the end. Otherwise the cable can be reached under the engine compartment.

How do you open the hood on your cougar when the cable is broken?

my cougar's hood has been broken for about 6 years now, it takes 2 people to open it but one sticks a long screw driver in where you normally would pull on the cable there is like a little button that you push and the other person needs to lift on the hood while you are pushing the button with the screw driver.

How do you open the hood on 2000 gmc jimmy when hood cable broke?

AnswerI have the same problem with my 1998 GMC Jimmy. I have been using a needle-nose pliers to grab the cable. Sucks! Must be a common problem. Anybody know how to repair this problem? Can I order just the end of the cable with the pull knob or do I have to order the entire cable? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.If the cable is broken at the handle, you can have someone push down on the hood so you can grab the end of the cable with vice grips. That will get the hood open.You can only buy the cable assembly from GM for around $40. Includes the handle all the way to the hood. Replacing the assy is a total pain for my 2001. Involves removing the air filter box, windshield wiper reservoir, a panel under the dash and moving the E brake assy to remove the old one.Good luck.

How do you fix the hood latch cable on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

Yeah, I have the same question. My cougar has been sitting for a year now with a dead battery and no way to charge it because the hood latch broke. Anyone? Pull the trim out from around the release, grab onto the cable with pliers and pull.

How do you open the hood of a 91 Chevy S10 with a broken hood release?

I own a 92 with the same problem. You have to gain access from underneath with a socket wrench and long extensions to take off the top part of the release that is mounted to the underneath of the hood. I have the cable dropped down with a plastic "T" Handle tied to the end of the cable so that I can pull the release until I can find a replacement cable. I have been looking but have yet to find one. Hope this helps

How do you open the hood of a 1982 VW Rabbit Convertible?

Is this a trick question? ;-) I think you might have something broken if you haven't figured this out by now. Just below the dashboard, at the far, far left of the car (driver's left knee if you're sitting in the car), there should be a plastic handle attached to a cable. Pull this handle and the hood should "pop". If the handle is broken or missing, look for the cable. Grab the cable with some vise grips and give it a good yank. Once the hood pops, there should be a latch up front on the hood, dead center, with a small lever that rocks the latch back and forth. Squeeze this lever and the latch should let go of the car and the hood should open. If you can't find the cable, you may have to get to the latching mechanism from through the grill. If you look just above the VW logo in your grill, you should see where a cable may have once been, or perhaps a piece of a cable. Grab a large flat head screwdriver and push this piece to the right until the hood pops.

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2000 ford expedition the hood release does not operate How do you open the hood manually?

I have the same problem and what they did was where your hood release is take the actual cable end out of the lever. In order to get the hood open, someone will have to take some pliars and pull as hard as they can. I have had from several Ford Explorer owners for the same make around year of 1998-2001 that they have had to have their hood release cable replaced due to it being stripped or extra slack in it for some reason. I haven't gotten it replaced yet but I have been told that I have to order this part through the Ford dealership for about $20.00.

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