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You can put about a pint in a full tank of gas.

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Q: How much methyl hydrate do you use for a tank of gas?
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How can you tell if there is water in your gas tank?

If your having problems and suspect bad gas an old an easy test is to put a liter of Methyl hydrate in the tank before you fill up next time. If water is the problem the meth will mix with the H2O and burn just fine.If that doesn't solve the issue then it isn't gas problem.

How does gas line freeze up occor?

in the winter condensation occurs in fuel tanks and in sufficient quantity it will freze and block the lines add a little methyl hydrate or alcohol to get rid of it

Does Methyl hydrate work like gas line antifreeze or is is the same product?

Methyl hydrate is commonly known as methyl alcohol, methanol, or wood alcohol. Its molecular formula is CH3OH. .for more information: http:/ .. Methyl hydrate or methanol is commonly used as a gas line antifreeze. Since methanol and water are completely miscible that is they will dissolve in each other completely, methanol lowers the freezing point of any water in the bottom of the engine fuel system. .. Also since methanol will dissolve in gasoline fuel, it keeps any water in the fuel in a dissolved state. In other words you won't have a ice blockage in your fule line, tank bottom, or fuel filter. .. Since many gasolines contain ethanol, they already have antifreeze protection. .. Methanol has been used as a racing fuel and as a gasoline fuel additive. It has the property of reducing engine knocking (raising the octane level).

Gas tank for 1500 2wd 4.3v6 5 speed how much gas does it hold?

How much gas in the tank

What is CH3 gas?

it is methyl gas

What is methyl bromide?

Methyl Bromide is an odorless colorless gas

How much to fix a gas tank leak?

how much to fix a gas tank on a 93 grand cherokee?

How much money would fill a 1993 Honda civics gas tank?

It depends on gas prices and how much gas you have in your tank.

How much gas can a gas tank hold?

about 20

How much gas does a hummer's gas tank hold?


Does methyl hydrate increase octane in gasoline?

I don't know the exact raise in the octane content. Its been years since I took an organic chemistry class, BUT, i do know that with 2 of my 4 classic cars, using about one to one and a half cups of methyl hydrate to a full tank of gas really helps (also buy premium gas and fill from empty). It is a "petroleum distillate" (which is the same stuff you buy labeled "Octane booster" at like 8 bucks for 7ounces) which means it mixes with the gas well. Also, because of its low point of ignition, it burns, faster, hotter, and cleaner. I also like to use it because it cleans out any gunk in the carburetor while it passes through. If you have a high performance car, and no that doesn't mean a lowered Honda civic with a cold air intake. You can also use a product called Toluene, much like a paint thinner/ or really strong methyl hydrate, also usually available at hardware stores... is a very good booster. I use it in two of my other classics with 500+hp. Be VERY careful handling Toluene, as well if it drips on the paint surrounding the gas door, it is almost guaranteed to fry though the lacquer in use a funnel and pour slowly, and use about the same amount as the methyl hydrate mixture. Waiver of liability. I, claim no responsibility for any negative incidents that may occur from this information. It is, to the best of my knowledge accurate, and in my instances, works well with my vehicles.

1940 ford gas tank holds how much gas?