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a head of lettuce cost about $2.99 at Walmart.

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Q: How much does a head of lettuce cost at Walmart?
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How much does one head of lettuce cost in New Jersey US?

About 3.50

How much does a head of radicchio lettuce cost?

Chioggia costs about €3 a kilo in Italy

How much shredded lettuce from a head of lettuce?

anywhere from 2-6 dollars

How much does popcorn cost at Walmart?

It cost at least 3.00 at walmart!

How much does a large head of romaine lettuce cost at safeway?

If you want to know then go to the safeway and look yourself, is it that hard to figure out dummie?

How much does romaine lettuce cost?

You can purchase romaine lettuce at varied prices from store, health foods anywhere from 79 cents to two dollars a head. Romaine lettuce is the best nutritional choice.

If you are buying a fifty pound ball of lettuce for 24 dollars how much will 1 ounce cost?

That is a big head of lettuce! But since there is 16 ounces per pound, you have to multiply 16 times fifty. This will tell you how many ounces your humungous head of lettuce weight in ounces. Your gigantic head of Alaska grown lettuce weighs 800 ounces. Now you can divide 24 dollars (24.00) by 800 which gives you: 0.03. So your Hugh head of lettuce will cost you 3 cents per ounce. To check this, multiply .03 by 800 and you should get 24.00. Yep it did. Enjoy your salad!

How much does a nabi cost in walmart?

how much does the nabi cost

How much is a head of iceberg lettuce?

That depends on which country and city you live in.

How much do lettuce cost?

2.25 per roll

How much did lettuce cost in 1803?

50 cents

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