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25 bottle of wine would be needed for 100 people. There are roughly 4 servings in a normal bottle of wine.

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Q: How many bottles of wine do you need for 100 people?
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Related questions

How many magnum bottles of wine do I need for 200 people?

At least 20 magnum size bottles.

How many 1.5 liter bottles of wine should you order for 100 people?

if each person was to drink wine on the night of your party, then you would need around 90 bottles.

How many bottles of wine for 40 people?

You get 4 six ounce glass to one 750ml bottle. If you wanted everyone to have one glass of wine you would need 10 bottles.

How many bottles of wine for 100 people?

about 48

How many bottles of wine will serve 15 people?

If each guest has two glasses of wine, six bottles will serve them.

How many wine bottles to serve 200 people?

That depends on how generous you want to be. A standard 75cl wine bottle will yield 6 glasses.If each guest is allowed one glass then you will need 34 bottles, however if you allow 3 glasses each then you will need 100 bottles.

How many bottles of wine are there in a case of wine?

There are twelve 750 ml bottles in a case of wine.

How many bottles of wine for 150 people?

If 150 people each consume two glasses of wine, that would require 60 standard 750 ml bottles .

How many bottles of wine for 80 people?

Serving two glasses of wine to each of 80 people would require about 32-35 standard 750 ml bottles.

How many bottles of wine in box wine?

Usually four 750 ml bottles

How much wine do you need for 60 people?

Two cases of wine (24 bottles) would provide each guest two glasses of wine.

How many bottles wine for 100?

4 six oz glasses of wine per 750 bottle. If you want everyone to have one glass you would need 25 bottles.

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