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Currently there in 51 Republican senators in the US senate. This is as of January 2017.

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Q: How many Republicans are there in US senate?
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How many Republicans are in the senate this year?

Currently there are 54 Republicans in the US Senate. Republicans currently are a majority in both legislative branches of the US Congress.

How many republicans and democrats are in the US senate from Texas?

Two Republicans, no Democrats.

How many voting Republicans are in the US Senate?

41 (August 2010)

Who holds the US Senate the dems or republicans?

texas s senate the demcrates or republicans which one has more?

How many democrats are in the 2016 US Senate?

The US Senate in 2016 currently has 44 Democrats, 2 Independents and 54 Republicans.

How many Republicans and Democrats will be in the US Senate next year?

at least 1 of each.

How did the democrats did in the senate election?

As of now, the Democrats in the US Senate lost 8 seats to the Republicans. There will be more Republicans in the Senate, now, than Democrats, meaning the the Republicans will control the Senate. They already control the House.

Are there more democrats or republicans in the current US Senate?

I would say probably republicans.

Who is the Political Party in charge of the US senate and the US Congress?


How many Democrats and Republicans are in the US Senate 2011?

There are 51 Democrats, 47 Republicans, and 2 Independents, both of whom caucus with the Democrats.

How many republicans are there in the Alabama State Senate?

There are 10 republicans and 25 democrats.

How many democrats are in the ca state senate and how many republicans are in the ca state senate?

As of February 2014, there are 28 Democrats and 11 Republicans in the California Senate, with one vacancy.

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