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Access the starter from underneath the vehicle.

Must remove the flywheel cover because the starter must drop straigt down after its two mounting bolts have been removed.

Obtain re-activate codes and disarm the theft deterrant components including such things as the radio, and disconnect the negative battery cable.

"SAFELY raise the vehicle", (which means the wheels must be blocked, and the vehicle, is safely supported with blocks or Jack stands in the raised position.

Remove the three bolts that hold the flywheel cover on to the engine-transaxle.

Disconnect the electrical connections from the starter.

Loosen both the two bolts that hold the starter in place.

Completely remove one bolt.

Partially remove the second bolt, then support the starter.with one hand, and completely remove this bolt.

This may be an ackward thing for some, but it is possible especially when you only need to begin supporting it after the bolt has been almost completely removed.

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Start by removing the battery connection and then locate the starter near the ignition. Locate the starter between the transaxle and the engine. Unplug the wires and unwrench the starter. Replace with the new one.

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Q: How do you replace a starter in a Pontiac Transport?
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