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Try rubbing some mayonnaise on the painted skin and let it sit for a few minutes. Then rub it again as if you were washing with it before taking a hot shower. Seriously. The oil in the mayonaise will help loosen it up. I bet some skin so soft or another oily food product like bacon(hmmm bacon) might help a little bit as well. Happy scrubbing!

Another Easy SuggestionI just had a bunch of yellow paint all over my hands and nails (because of stupidity). I used olive oil and salt. Scrub scrub scrub!!! Wash it off in warm to hot water (as hot as you can stand) and then wash your hands with dish soap to get the oil off. I scrub my hands with the salt for about two or three minutes. It was really easy and came off quickly. I'm sure any oil (vegetable or olive or peanut) will work just fine. And, hey!!! I just gave myself a nice manicure scrub and got rid of all my dead skin and now my hands smell and feel good too. :-)

If you use an S.O.S pad to scrub it will take it right off i know it sounds painful

but it works.


The above entry worked great for me! I used extra virgin olive oil (but i am sure any oil would work). I just poured some oil into my palm and then sprinkled the salt on top of it and scrubbed it onto the spot that had pain and it came right off! It worked great!

I got tons of white oil-based paint on my hands and arms tonight (used to working with latex...oops). Vegetable oil and salt worked within minutes! Thank goodness because I was freaking about how I was going to get it off at 1 am! Definitely follow up with dish soap to remove the oily feeling.

I do a lot of painting. Hot water and scrubbing with my finger tips works well for me. Never put thinners or similar solvents on your skin, if you want to live a long time in good health.

The olive oil WORKS!I was trying to "help" my husband repaint the baseboards and got oi-based paint all over my hands. I used the olive oil and salt suggestion and it worked like a charm. A bonus: my hands are as smooth as a baby's bottom!

After trying to use gasoline which I would not recommend I still couldn't get all the oil paint off my hands. After Surfing the web to find a solution I am glad I did. The oil and salt totally works. My hands were clean within seconds.

You have no idea how glad I am that this thread existed. i looked like a smurf after doing some late night work around the house, blue covered my hands entirely and i had spots everywhere. Thankyou to the person who posted originally and all those who contributed you saved me from walking into the 24 hour convenience store at midnight looking 'smurfy' to buy turps and a scourer. oil and salt... who would have thought!

Wow, I was freaking out after applying primer to my living room. When I was half way done I looked at my hands and arms and they were covered with spots. Since it was late I asked my wife to go to the internet and find out what product was good to get rid of paint since the local Home Depot was closing soon. She came here and found the home remedy of oil and salt. I tried it right away and it worked like a charm. It was simple, easy and, like others have said, now my skin is nice and smooth. Thanks to those of you who shared your stories.

answeri work in a paint store and just recently spilled half a gallon of white oil based paint all over me. it hurt when i tried scrubbing with soap and water so i used some all purpose paint wipes (kinda like baby wipes) and it worked to get it off of my entire shoulder and neck with no irritation. AnswerIt will eventually wear off with time. But if you need it off right away there are many ways, some faster some not. Plain old soap and hot water will work very slowly, with multiple washings and a scrub brush (ouch). Chemicals may help, but they can be dangerous and may irritate your skin. Starting with the least irritating here are things that I have used: Go-Jo (mechanics heavy duty grease removing soap) citrus based cleaner [orange], Goo-Gone (for removing stickers), Goof-Off (for removing paint safely off woodwork - usually latex but works on oil), mineral spirits (will cause some discomfort - wash with soap and water afterwards), laquer thinner (definitely will remove mose paints and definitely cause some mild burning in almost all individuals, some will experience major irritation - wash with soap after) this is very flammable - for this purpose use only outdoors!

I wouldn't recommend anything else unless it is specifically for removing paint from humans!

New AnswerA lot of people don't realize that an ingredient of Vicks VapoRub is turpentine oil. I used this to remove red oil based paint from my face. It worked immediately and painlessly with a few cotton balls. And since Vicks VapoRub is meant to be rubbed into the skin, you know it is not harmful to it. And for next timeA pound of prevention... Just for the record, next time you have to work with Oil based paints... before you start, apply a good hand & body lotion to your hands, arms etc. if you are working our your head, try a good quality oil treatment or conditioner for your hair and wear a painter's hat or ball cap and the longest sleeves you can stand. If paint does land on you it will come off easier & faster with the undercoat of oils on your skin & hair... The added benefit is not only does the room look great; after a quick shower, so do you.
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Q: How do you remove oil-based paint from your skin?
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How do you get oilbased dried paint off your skin?

Warm water, soap and a scrub brush should do it.

Can you paint over water based paint with oilbased paint?

yes you can... you can do oil over latex and latex over oil

How do you remove face paint from your skin?


How do you remove latex paint from skin?

Latex paint can be washed off of skin by scrubbing with soap and warm water.

Will baby oil get rid of oil paint?

Baby oil will remove oil and latex paint from skin. It will not remove paint from most rigid substrates though.

What is the least painful and quickest way to remove paint from your skin if it is all over your body?

Try Avon Skin So Soft. Works on most paint and actually helps your skin

Why you use terpentine oil to remove the paint from your hands?

Because it dissolves paint easily. It is also not bad for your skin.

How can a scrubber remove dead skin on the foot?

Same way as sandpaper would remove paint from a surface, by grinding it off.

How do you remove water-based paint from your skin?

Paint can be removed from our skin with the help of oil, dry cloth or cloth dipped in oil. Then, after removing colour from our hand, wash with soap solution and water.

How do you remove rust preventive paint from your skin?

Usually, mineral spirits will take the paint off but you should check the data sheet or label of the paint and use whatever solvent it recommends for cleanup.

Can you mix oil and acrylic paint together?

That's a bad idea - one is waterbased, the other oilbased. Oil and water don't mix. Egg tempera paint does, because egg is an emulsion. On top of that, oil doesn't adhere well to acrylics, so the paint will fall apart in time.

What is the best way to remove interior paint from your skin?

Oil based paint is best removed with mineral oil or heavy cream like a cold cream. Do not use paint thinner on your skin, it is way too harsh. For latex paint, use soap and water, if the paint is dried use hand cream of baby oil.

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