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Normally Google Earth Pro auto-updates to the new version when it is available but if that feature is disabled or not working you can manually install the latest version. Visit the Google Earth download page to download the latest version for Windows, Mac, or Linux desktop platforms. You can show the version of Google Earth in the Hep menu and selecting "About Google Earth". Note that Google Earth desktop has been replaced with Google Earth Pro so all updates will be with the latter.

For the web version of Google Earth, your web browser always accesses the latest version and you never have to install or uninstall the application.

Mobile platforms can update Google Earth using the Google Store, Apple store, or equivalent application management utlility on the particular platform.

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Click on Help and then About Google Earth.

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Q: How do you find out which version of Google Earth you have?
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Can you find Google Earth in stores?

No. Google Earth can only be downloaded from google's website. There is a free version and a Pro version for business use.

How do you find what version Google Earth I have?

When the Google Earth application is running, open the Help menu and select the "About Google Earth" item. This will open a popup window with Google Earth version (e.g., build date, renderer (OpenGL or DirectX), etc.With Apple iPhone or iTouch, start Google Earth application. Open menu, then click Settings and scroll to end of the list to find the Google Earth version.

Where can one find a free version of Google Earth?

There isn't a free version of Google Earth exactly, but with the download you get the first 7 days for free. You could also try an off brand type of system that is very similar to Google Earth.

What is Google Earth 7?

Google Earth 7 is the latest version that you can download.

When will be the Google Earth satellite maps will be updated next?

The free version of Google Earth has an outdated map of the world from about 2005. The paid version of Google Earth is updated regularly.

Which version of Google Earth can you see yourself in?

You can only see yourself in Google Earth if you were in a photo that they took. If you where, then you can see it in any version.

What is the most sophisticated version of Google earth and is it free?

i google

Is Google Earth part of Google?

yes, Google Earth is a Google product with both a free and commercial/enterprise version.

Can you get Google earth for free?

You can download the free version of Google Earth at the site in related links.

How much is the upgraded version of Google Earth?

Google Earth Pro (professional version for business) is licensed at $399 per user per year.

What is a Google Earth plug in?

A Google Earth plug-in is a plug that automatically brings you to Google Earth.Answer#2Actually, the Google Earth plugin is an embedded version of Google Earth that runs within the web browser.

Is Google Earth Plugin free?

The Google Earth plugin is free. It can be downloaded with the free version of Google Earth (they're bundled together) or by itself from Google's website (see link below).UPDATE: Google Earth Plugin has been deprecated as of December 12th, 2014.