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Click on Help and then About Google Earth.

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Q: How do you find out which version of Google Earth you have?
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Do you have to pay to download Google Earth?

Google Earth is a free download available from Google at the Google Earth site.Google Earth Pro is an enhanced version of the free product tailored towards the business user. It is available for an annual subscription fee of $400. You can download a free 7-day trial of Google Earth Pro from the same download page.UPDATE: As of Google Earth 7.3, the free version of Google Earth and Google Earth Pro products have been combined into a single product "Google Earth Pro" which is free.

Where do I download old versions of Google Earth?

The current version and several previous versions (including v6.2) of both Google Earth and Google Earth Pro for Windows and Mac can be downloaded from Google Earth's direct download site.

Is Google earth 6 free?

Yes, you can download Google Earth for free. There is also a professional version of Google Earth called Google Earth Pro for business users. That version has some new features (e.g., better printing, advanced import support, etc.) but uses the same imagery so it's generally not worth the annual cost for the casual user.

What is the latest version of Google Earth?

The latest (non-beta) version of Google Earth is released in Oct 2016. The previous stable version was 7.1.6 released in May 2016. The initial version was released in 2001. The 7.x and 6.x versions of Google Earth version include Street View, viewing Mars, Sky view, looking under water at things like the RMS Titanic, a Flight Simulator, among other useful features. Note as of Jan 2012 Street View is no longer be supported in Google Earth 5.2 or older.

How do you find crop circles using Google Earth?

A handful of web sites have cool things and special topics of things you can find in Google Earth. Google Earth Hacks is one such web site and can find crop circles with screen shots of the location and a link to jump to it in Google Earth or Google Maps. The Google Earth blog also has a couple of articles on crop circles in Google Earth along with screenshots and related links. Click on URLs in related links below for more details.

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Can you find Google Earth in stores?

No. Google Earth can only be downloaded from google's website. There is a free version and a Pro version for business use.

How do you find what version Google Earth I have?

When the Google Earth application is running, open the Help menu and select the "About Google Earth" item. This will open a popup window with Google Earth version (e.g., build date, renderer (OpenGL or DirectX), etc.With Apple iPhone or iTouch, start Google Earth application. Open menu, then click Settings and scroll to end of the list to find the Google Earth version.

Where can one find a free version of Google Earth?

There isn't a free version of Google Earth exactly, but with the download you get the first 7 days for free. You could also try an off brand type of system that is very similar to Google Earth.

What is Google Earth 7?

Google Earth 7 is the latest version that you can download.

Can you download Google earth on a Wii?

No, there's no version of google earth for the wii.

What is the most sophisticated version of Google earth and is it free?

i google

When will be the Google Earth satellite maps will be updated next?

The free version of Google Earth has an outdated map of the world from about 2005. The paid version of Google Earth is updated regularly.

Is Google Earth part of Google?

yes, Google Earth is a Google product with both a free and commercial/enterprise version.

Which version of Google Earth can you see yourself in?

You can only see yourself in Google Earth if you were in a photo that they took. If you where, then you can see it in any version.

Do you have to pay for Google earth 6?

There is a free version of Google Earth. Users only have to pay for Google Earth Pro version, which is intended for business users with an annual fee of $400.

Is version for Google Earth a Pro edition?

The Google Earth Free and Pro versions have the same numbering scheme so the version itself doesn't tell you if what you have is Pro version or not. When you start Google Earth Pro it will have "Google Earth Pro" in the title of the window. You can also go to Help menu and select "About Google Earth".

Is there are any fees for Google Earth version?

The free version of Google Earth has no fees. It can be downloaded directly from Google's web site or iTunes app store for mobile device.Google does offer a professional version called Google Earth Pro for business use.

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