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Chrysler's in general have a bad reputation when it comes to starter replacement, and in some cases one must disassemble a good amount of the car just to reach the plagued part (You do not have to remove anything from the car to reach the starter, it is located (not *) on all Chrysler leBarons on the cars front, but you have to lift the car up. Then there is 1 wire to be unpluged and another to be unscrewed to remove the electrical connecton. Then you must remove 4 bolts and the starter can be pulled away from the driver's side - pls. calculate 10 mins. for removing and another 10 mins. to mount the new starter, kinda easy work to be done). Fortunately the Chrysler LeBaron has most of it's belts to the left instead of in the front. Most of the time the starter is on the opposite side of the belts, in this case you will find the starter to the right of the engine block.

The LeBaron has a K body, so jack-up the car at the nose. Make very sure you engage your emergency break system and use some sort of stopper on both wheels for safety. Also make very sure you are making repairs to the car on a flat surface. That last thing you want is to be killed during as simple procedure as changing a starter.

Remove the power terminal from the battery post to prevent any electrical shortage.

Follow the red power lead from the battery to the starter located in the middle of the vehicle just to the left of the oil filter. There is 3 9/16" hex bolts that hold the starter to the engine, remove the bolts in a standard counter clockwise motion to

Mark the location of the spline shaft on the flange of the starter so when you put the new one in it goes on the same way.

Remove the 1/2" bolt that holds on the red power 16 gauge wire, clean and wire brush the wire terminal ends for good clean connection.

Follow this same procedure for re-installation of the new starter.

-> * on the 4 cyl. engines the starter is BEHIND the engine, between turbo and transaxles and you have to remove the engine mounts in front and at the back of the engine, move the engine towards the front and then you can try to remove the screws and the electric connections. this uses about 1-2 hrs. of work and it is much more difficult than at the V6 engines

->> It ist NOT a K-Body, it is a J-Body (V6 3,0 Liters are all J-Bodies).

You just lift the car on the front, then you will see the starter just at the front end of the engine, remove the 4 screws, remove the 2 cables (one is fixed with a screw) and then pull the starter to the passenger side. The new starter is to stick in in the opposite direction, screw on the 4 screws and fix the wires (one with a screw fixed, too).

Totally you will not use more than 15 mins on the V6 engines to replace the starter.

I totally agree about the 2.2 and 2.5 Litres, on them, it is crappy to remove the starter....

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Q: How do you change a starter on a V6 Chrysler LeBaron?
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Four cylinder, rear of the engine under the exhaust manifold. V6, front of the engine behind the motor mount.

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Where is the starter located on a 1991 chrysler lebaron?

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.044 inch

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2.5l four cylinder or a 3.0l v6

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Spend $15 bucks or so for a haynes manual from the local autoparts shop.. your gonna need it.. :)

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It is an A604

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