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I think it has a hydraulic clutch and no adjustment.

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Q: How do you adjust the clutch on a '97 Suzuki Sidekick?
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Ho to Adjust clutch on 97 Saturn sl1?

You cannot adjust the clutch on the s-series.

What kind of oil does a 97 suzuki sidekick 1.6 use?

10 w 40

How to Adjust clutch on 97 Saturn sl1?

S-series use self adjusting clutch hydraulics. You cannot adjust them

How do you adjust clutch in 97 Chevy truck?

YOU CAN'T. The clutch is either worn out are the clutch slave cylinder is bad.

Where is camshaft position sensor located on 97 suzuki sidekick?

At the back of the engine, looks like a distributor!

How do you adjust a clutch on a 97 Nissan Altima?

you can't its hydraulic, if the pedal feels weird just try bleeding the clutch system

How do you know if the clutch cylinder on a 97 suzuki sidekick is bad and it is not the clutch?

After you have located the clutch slave cylinder, have someone depress the clutch pedal. You should see the piston of the slave cylinder extend somewhat. If it does not, either the slave cylinder is bad, or the master cylinder, or, there is not enough brake fluid in the system for it to operate properly. Check the level in the master cylinder. If the slave cylinder is leaking profusely, it is probably bad.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 97 Sunfire?

It should be self adjusting. If its slipping then your clutch may be worn. Or if it has other symptoms, there could be a different problem. It says the clutch system is self adjusting in my manual.

How do you adjust clutch cable on golf 97?

The 97 usually has a clutch cable that is self-adjusting. This cable usually gets replaced when a new clutch is installed, as it is difficult to un-adjust it once it adjusts for clutch wear. Some enthusiasts fit their car with the old-style manual adjusting clutch cable, in a belief that is helps clutch feel and prolongs clutch life. The clutch cable itself is between the motor and the battery, a big black thing that hooks into the transmission's front clutch release lever. IF you have a friend push the clutch in and out, you can easily see it operate if you're looking under the hood.

Can you replace manual locking hubs in a 1998 suzuki sidekick with automatic ones?

yes on suz. just bolt them one. on geo trackers 97+ it gets tricky

How do you adjust the clutches on a 97 ford escort lx just replaced and it is slipping has right amount of fluid?

it is a hydralic clutch it has no adjustment

Where is backup light switch on 97 suzuki sidekick?

on the transmssion, no matter which of the 3 (3sp,4ps, 5sp) its really a reverse switch, see? reverse gear engaged switch.