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concurrent processing deals with N-client single server whereas parallel supports N-client N-server

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Q: Difference between concurrent processing and parallel processing in computer architecture?
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Who was the first person to demonstrate that a computer could be programmed?

The architect of the computer system, he/she developed the programming architecture as well as the processing architecture. If the designer follows this architecture definition the computer can be programmed. There is no proof needed.

What is feng's classification scheme in computer architecture?

feng (serial versus parallel processing

What is the difference between the architecture and microarchitecture in computer science?


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What is polycore?

Polycore is a term used to describe a processing architecture that involves utilizing multiple processor cores to improve performance and efficiency in handling tasks. This approach is commonly found in modern computer CPUs and allows for concurrent execution of multiple tasks, leading to enhanced multitasking capabilities and faster data processing.

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What is difference between parallel processing and pipelining in computer architecture?

the pipelining breaks a big task into number of small parts. a part higher in order gets processed n serves as an input for the next sub-task,while in parallel processing various tasks are run at the same time