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You can if you put it in neutral and push it to get a good enough start and try starting it and if it does then try to put it in drive and go

yes and no you can not push start an automatic car. but if you can get it up to about 35 to 40 mph and put it in drive it will work

but it is not worth the trouble .

I would NOT do this unless you want to take the chance of buying a new transmission.

You can not push start todays automatic cars. The engine drives the transmission hydraulic pump, not the driveshaft. Only the early Hydramatic transmissions from the 1940's and 50's you could push start if you got the vehicle up to aprox 25 mph or more.

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Q: Can you use a rolling start if a car with an automatic transmission will not start?
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Can you put a engine from a car with a automatic transmission in a car with a standard transmission?

Yes, but you have to remove the automatic transmission housing, and you have to replace the Torque Converter with a standard transmission clutch that matches the type of transmission with which you are mating the engine.

Can you convert automatic transmission to a manual transmission for a 1990 Toyota Camry v6 dx?

By selling this car and buying another one with a manual. Unless you have a donor car, with all the parts, this would be cost prohibitive.

Why automatic transmission ford escort 1996 1.9 before you start the car when press the break you hear some noise and then when you put shifter on D it goes on neutral or without pressing the clutch?

the noise you hear when stepping on the brake is a solenoid activating the lockout on the transmission. it stops you from putting the car in gear unless you step on the brake.

What can you do if a 1999 Cadillac Catera transmission shakes when you try to start the car?

Start checking out your engine and transmission mounts. Check the rubber to make sure it isn't torn.

Why does an automatic transmission car start shuddering and sometimes cut out when you slow down at a junction or making turns or in reverse but the Oil and transmission fluid levels are ok?

That would depend on the make and model of the car, but it is usually a torque converter that needs replacing, or if it has an electronic torque converter switch, the switch is usually bad and needs replacing. If yours has a torque converter switch, unplug the connector and drive the car. If the transmission stops doing what ever it was doing, put in a new sensor and plug it back in.

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Can you push start a car with an automatic transmission?


What is an automatic car?

A car with an automatic transmission.

Why does a car start but when in gear not move?

The parking brake is on or the transmission (automatic) or the clutch (standard) has problems.

Would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush?

would an automatic transmission car jerk when shifting after having had a transmission flush

What is a car that changes gear by itself?

A car with an automatic transmission. Or an automatic. (same thing)

What do I need to change a manual to automatic transmission?

A parts car like yours with an automatic transmission.

How do you start a car without the starter?

If it's a standard shift transmission you can "pop" start it by rolling down an incline, push the clutch in, put the trans in 2nd or 3rd gear, turn the ignition on, release the clutch and away you go. If it's an automatic, you're screwed.

How or could you turn over an engine on a geo tracker manually?

If the tracker is a "standard shift" not automatic transmission. You could pop start the engine by putting the car in 1st gear, with the clutch pedal down and the ignition on. Roll the car and once car is rolling release clutch pedal. Vehicle should start, hope this is what you ment by "manually".

What are the benefits of having a car with automatic transmission?

There are many benefits of owning a car with automatic transmission. These benefits would include the automatic shifting of gears as the vehicle moves.

Is an Automatic or manual transmission better in a muscle car?

MANUAL TRANSMISSION because its more powerful and quicker then a automatic. Your muscle car will not have muscle without a manual transmission

What does Automatic Transmission mean?

It means that you do not have stick shift in your car, your car shifts gears for you, you don't have to do it, so basically if you don't have a stick shift car you have an automatic transmission car.

What was the first car to have an automatic transmission?

Oldsmobile came out with a fully automatic transmission in the 1940 model year.