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More important is, that both paints are of the same kind (like: oil-based paint, acrylic paint, latex paint). Semi-gloss is more easily painted over then high gloss, but first better find out what the old paint layer is made of. Check with the help of alcohol - if paint comes off in any way when you rub it with a cloth of alcohol, it's latex or acrylic paint (and can be painted over with acrylics).

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yes, although with every paint job you should prepare the surface first. It is easier to put eggshell paint over satin paint finishes, but it is harder to do the opposite. To put a satin paint over an eggshell paint, you would have to sand to obtain a smooth surface first.

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if they are the same such as both latex, then yes. if one is oil and the other latex then no. if you are not sure apply a universal primer first.

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As long as they are the same base you can.

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Q: Can you mix satin finish paint with eggshell finish paint?
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Can you mix satin paint and flat to make eggshell?

If both cans of paint are interior, latex and the same colour, go ahead. The eggshell finish does not vary much in sheen level from one manufacturer to another. If one can is oil base and the other latex, NO. If the colour of the two cans of paint are not the same... I'd be very careful as you may not like the new colour you get.

Can you make a satin finish paint a flat finish paint?

mix a gallon of flat latex paint with your satin latex paint and you will reduce the statin gloss by 50 percent

How much semigloss and flat paint equal satin paint or eggshell paint?

If you mix a flat and semi-gloss 1:1 you should end up with a paint in the eggshell range. Mix the same paints 1:3 and you should end up with a satin. Experiment with small amounts to get the desired gloss.

What two colour paints do you mix for eggshell?

Eggshell can range from white through to brown. Normally eggshell refers to the finish of the paint rather than the colour

Can interior flat be mixed with interior flat latex?

Yes, depending on the mix ratio, you will end up with an eggshell or satin finish.

How do you dull eggshell paint finish once on wall?

Yes, mix in a couple teaspoons regular talcum powder.

Can you mix satin paint and semi gloss paint and if you do will it give a dusty finish?

you can mix paint of different sheen levels provided they are of the same vehicle or base (i.e.. water based, oil based. Mixing a satin with a semi-gloss will still be reasonably close to an "eggshell" finish. The best way to know is to use the chart below and add the 2 sheen level percentages together and divide by 2.For example a low sheen (satin) is 20% sheen + Semi-Gloss which is lets say 50%20+50=70 divided by 2 = average sheen of 35% giving you an eggshell finish.Flat (1-9% gloss)Low Sheen (10-25% gloss)Eggshell (26-40% gloss)Semi Gloss (41-69% gloss)Gloss (70-89% gloss)

Does sherwin Williams have a product for making satin paint flat?

If you want to turn your satin paint into flat wall paint simply mix one to one. One gallon of flat to each gallon of satin. The flat wall paint will obliterate any sheen the satin once had.

Can you mix white satin latex paint with yellow semi gloss yellow paint?

Sure you can!it will work just fine