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Yes but the people were deranged mental lunatics who were thrown in an asylums

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Q: Are there any living descendants of Claude Monet?
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His son Claude and daughters Maia and Paloma are. So is Francoise Gilot, the mother of Claude and Paloma. There are also grandchildren.

What difficulties of opposition did Claude Monet face?

In Claude Monet's various biographies, no explicit mention of any enemies is made. It is known that he was friends with a number of famous artists, and that they all worked together to build the Impressionist Movement.

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hi he loves the old band that was called one direction <3

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They each had children from their earlier marriages, bot none together.

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Monet is considered one of the great artists.

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We have never seen any waterlilies painted by Leonardo. But Claude Monet painted dozens.

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yes three dogs and three slaves that he treated like dogs. see haha

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I have to do a biography about a person I chose Monet Do you guys know any good books about his life It has to be over 100 pages?

Wikipedia has good information on Monet, with links to other sources. This was written by Claude Monet in 1900:

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