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Yes. The 352, 360, 390, 406, 410, 427, and 428 are all FE's and are based on the same engine block. I have a 76 F250 4x4 highboy with a 390 and my brother has one with a 428. The engine mounts are the same and the 428(also 427) will bolt directly to your transmission (NP435 or C6). If you have or are building a 428, remember this engine is externally balanced (the 390 is internally balanced) so the flywheel (if manual trans flexplate if auto) needs to be balanced with the rotating assembly.

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Q: 1976 Ford F 250 4 X 4 with a 390 4 barrel. Will a 428 or 427 bolt in to the same bell housing and engine mounts?
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1976 ford 350 which you have changed the engine from a 400M to a 460 you used a flywheel for a 390 and the bell housing from the 400 you eat starters any help?

a 390 flywheel works for alittle while.but it has 184 teeth ring gear the starter meshes to tight causing starter problems the correct flywheel with cast iron 400 bellhousing is 176 teeth.aluminum hydraulic bell housing 86&up require 180teeth flywheel.make sure you get right fly wheel for internally balanced pre 1979.1980 & up require external balance 24.2 ounce balance.

How do you know if you need to replace the starter or starter solenoid or relay in your 1976 Chevy?

Bad starter is easy: when you turn the car on provided your battery is good, you will hear a click in the engine compartment, but the car will not start.

1972 dodge dart with a 1976 block 360 in it the car originally was a 318 car what you have recently noticed is that the center link is rubbing on the oil pan when the steering is turned to t?

Did you use the 318 oil pan????? If not that's why!!!!!The blocks the same width&height.....I have to disagree. I'm doing a conversion on my 67 gt dart that had a 225 slant in it. I'm putting a 360 in it and found that the main caps are different on a 360 than a 318. You have to find a pass. car 360 pan to make it work.Also make sure the motor mounts have not failed allowing the engine to drop lower.

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How to install motor mounts for 1976 corvette 350 stock?

One way to do it is with an engine hoist. Loosen and remove the through bolts in the motor mounts. Carefully raise the engine with the hoist until you have enough clearance to unbolt and remove the engine mounts. You must be careful and work slowly when raising the eingine, though.

How can you install a 350 Chevy motor in a 1976 regal?

Get the motor mounts, trans mounts, transmission, radiator from a 1976 Malibu or Monte Carlo and swap them in.

How much horsepower does a 1976 350 Pontiac engine have with a 4 barrel carb?

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Will a 1977 ford F250 2wd standard trans 390 engine interchange to a 1983 F350 4x4 standard trans truck what trouble will that be?

No. ... You absolutely cannot do this swap due to different transmissions bell housing bolt patterns. The frame stanchions for the 390 engine mounts would have to be swapped in to the '83. The 390 was discontinued in 1976 in the F250's so the 1977 had to have been swapped once before. Be sure the 1977 F250 you have is the correct year if, in fact, you actually do have a 390. Person above is an idot. Swap motor mounts, and swap engine. if you have a c6 trans in the f350 you be just fine.

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hwere can I get the schematics for all the body bushings on a 1976 Corvete?

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