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homo sapien sapies

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Q: Do Australian aborigines belong to the Neanderthal Homo sapiens or the homo sapiens sapiens?
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What species does Neanderthal man belong to?

Neanderthals belong to species neanderthalensis.

Is a starfish a homo sapien?

No. Homo sapiens is the taxonomical name for human beings. Starfish belong to the Asteroidea class.

What do Homo habilis Homo erectus and Homo sapiens all belong to?

These are all species that are members of the genus Homo, which includes modern humans and closely-related species.

Which is the correct interpretation of scientific name homo sapiens?

Homo sapiens is the species of bipedal primates to which modern humans belong. They are characterized by an average 85 cubic inch (1400 cc) brain capacity, dependence upon language, and creation and utilization of complex tools.

What is the difference between hominid and neanderthal?

Modern man (homo sapiens) and neanderthal man (homo neanderthalensis) are closely related. They both belong to the genus homo, and the time periods in which the two species lived overlap. Neanderthals lived between 500,000 (ish) and 30,000 years ago, and modern humans first showed up around 200,000 years ago (modern in appearance, though not necessarily in behavior). DNA evidence even supports the idea that members of the two species inter-bred successfully! There are, however, differences: neanderthal humans had a more pronounced nose, and a slightly larger cranium (brain compartment) than modern humans. Both species made and used tools, however neanderthal tools were much more primitive. It is suggested that neanderthals were better adapted for a colder climate, which may have led to the eventual supremacy of modern humans as the planet warmed.

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What subgroup does the australian aborigines belong to?

Australian aborigines belong to the Australoid race. Australoid peoples ranged throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, New Guinea, Melanesia, the Andaman Islands, the Indian subcontinent, as well as parts of the Middle East.

Australian aborigines belong to what subgroup?

The Aboriginal people of Australia belong to the subgroup that is referred to as Haplogroup R. This group is also found in Southeast Asia.

What species do man belong to?

Within the genus homo there are several species. The exact number of these is debated but some include: * Homo sapiens sapiens (Our own species, anatomically modern humans) * Homo sapiens * Homo neanderthalis (commonly known as Neanderthal man and sometimes considered to be Homo sapiens neanderthalis) * Homo erectus * Homo habilis

What taxa do humans belong to?

Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:MammaliaOrder:PrimatesFamily:HominidaeGenus:HomoSpecies:H. sapiens

What species does Neanderthal man belong to?

Neanderthals belong to species neanderthalensis.

What subkingdom includes homo sapiens?

We Homo sapiens belong to the Phylum called "Chordata"

What species does a metalhead belong to?

Homo Sapiens

Which family do the humans belong to?


Humans belong to which group of animals?

In short, humans belong to the primate group.Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:MammaliaOrder:PrimatesFamily:HominidaeSubfamily:HomininaeTribe:HomininiGenus:HomoSpecies:H. sapiens

What animal group does a chimp belong to?

Primates, as are Homo sapiens; humans.

What family of animals to humans belong to?

Humans are in the Hominidae family. In addition to humans, great apes (including chimps and bonobos) are also hominids.

Modern humans belong to the group of hominids known as what?

Homo Sapiens (humans)