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Odysseus left Penelope bound for Troy.

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Q: In The Odyssey Odysseus left Penelope bound for what city?
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Odysseus left Penelope bound for what city?


Who is troy from the book Odysseus?

In the book "The Odyssey" Troy is the city that Odysseus was attacking.

What has Odysseus done before the Odyssey begins?

Sacked the city of Troy

Once Odysseus was about to enter the city how did Athene appear before him in the book the odyssey?

in the form of a maiden carrying a pitcher

What city did Odysseus pass where the sun never shines?

Odysseus passed the land of the Cimmerians, where the sun never shines. This land was described as a place of perpetual darkness and mist in "The Odyssey" by Homer.

How did Odysseus become king?

Odysseus was born a Prince of the city state of Ithaca. His father was Laertis and his mother Anticlea. He was famous because he participated in the war of Troy between Greeks and Trojans which lasted 10 years. It took him 10 years to return home and meet his family, his beloved wife Penelope and his son Telemachus. He had to kill all 40 princes that occupied his palace dwelling about the marriage of Penelope with one of them. Both events have been presented in two epic poems Iliad and Odyssey by Όμηρος.

What is ismarus?

Ismarus is a city or island in the story "The Odyssey". There Odysseus and his men go there after the long battle in Troy to party and raid the people over there.

What did Athene do to make sure none of the Phaeacians would recognize Odysseus when he went into the city in the book the odyssey?

She put him undercover as an old man

Who was buried in Odyssey?

Nobody was buried in the mythical city of Odyssey. It is a fictional place in the epic poem "The Odyssey" by Homer. The poem follows the adventures of the hero Odysseus as he tries to return home after the Trojan War.

Description of troy in The Odyssey?

In "The Odyssey," Troy is depicted as a powerful and prosperous city that eventually falls to the Greeks after a long and brutal war. The city's downfall is caused by the clever ruse of the Trojan Horse, leading to its destruction and the end of the Trojan War. The fall of Troy is a major event in the epic, setting the stage for Odysseus's long journey home.

What is nausicaa's reaction to seeing Odysseus?

In "The Odyssey," Nausica bids Odysseus to hide behind some bushes, then later he is to inquire about how to get to the palace of Alkinoos. Once there, he is to find her mother and ask for help. If he makes a positive impression, she will help him to get home soon.

Read this excerpt from The Odyssey The wind drove me out of Ilium on to Ismarus the Cicones' stronghold. There I sacked the city killed the men but as for the wives and plunder that rich haul we dragg?

Odysseus is a generous leader.