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Pretty much not that different. Hybrids handle blood lust better than vampires do, they get that from the lycan part. Lycans are warriors while vampires are brutal and beautiful. Hybrids get the best of both worlds. Plus the strength and multiple talents of the 2 combined in 1.

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Q: What are vampire and lycan hybrid traits?
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What is it called when a werewolf and vampire have a child?

a Lycan or a Vampire-Werewolf hybrid

What would a vampire werewolf hybrid look like?

The best example which could be given would be from the Underworld series, which showed a Lycan/Vampire hybrid, with the person being Lycan before becoming a hybrid, and a Vampire/Lycan hybrid with the person being a vampire before becoming a hybrid. In both cases, the person has blue skin and black eyes. The primary difference is that the Vampire/Lycan hybrid has bat wings and no hair, whereas the Lycan/Vampire hybrid has black hair and more human like features (such as facial structure). However, there are only these two individuals (Michael Corvin and Markus Corvinus) who have undergone these forms of transformation, and to my knowledge the Underworld series is only film series to show such creatures, therefore other representations may exist.

What is a werewolf mixed with a vampire?

A mix of a werewolf and a vampire is known as a hybrid. I've researched and this mix is known as a hybrid vampire.

What is the name of the main character in the underworld tell of the lycans?

lucian is the main lycan in underworld and rise of the lycans. Michael is the hybrid (vampire/lycan)in underworld and evolution. :)

Was singe a lycan or a vampire in underworld?

Singe was a lycan

What is the effect of a werewolf and vampire mating?

then the kids a lycan

Which is better Lycan or Vampire?

It depends how old the creature is.

What is a vampire-werewolf hybrid?

A vampire-werewolf hybrid is a supernatural being that possesses the traits and abilities of both vampires and werewolves. They are typically depicted as incredibly powerful and can exhibit traits such as heightened strength, speed, and the ability to heal quickly. Their dual nature can also come with conflicting desires and struggles.

Who would win lycan or vampire?

It depends on the criteria of competitionsporting event ---- lycanbeauty contest ----vampirequiz show-----------vampiremascot eliminations----lycan

Is a vampir better than a lycan?

Tricky question... In my opinion, no, a vampire is not better than a lycan. In my opinion they are both beautiful creatures, I'm a vampire so I'm not sure how a lycan would feel, but I think they are equally fine. But each has its draw-backs of course.

Who is stronger Lycan or Vampire?

the lycan(werewolf) is more stronger and faster than a vampire.people say vampires are faster and stronger cus of twilight but lycans are more great....cus in just one bite it can instantly kill a vampire... :D

What is a hybrid vampire?

A hybrid is part something part vampire. actually a hybrid is a sang/psi....aka has the choice/need of blood and energy