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Q: Which part of the political system did folk singers in the 1930s become involved with?
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Folk singers in the 1930s became involved in many social causes many of them became supporters of the practical political system which of these was it?

Many folk singers in the 1930s became supporters of the socialist political system. This was influenced by the social and economic conditions of the time, leading them to sing about issues such as workers' rights, poverty, and inequality.

What is a sentence using political system?

Concerned citizens are worried that the political system could bog down completely as parties become polarized. The political system in Russia is no longer communism.

Who is the Populist Person?

== == == == Populists are involved with either a philosophy urging social and political system changes.

What group believed that only long ago immigrants could become Americans?

There has always been a belief that immigrants could become citizens. The country started as a nation of immigrants and immigrants built the railroads, industry’s, towns, arts, and were involved in the political system.

Who became most disillusioned with the US Constitution and political system?

Many people have become disillusioned with the US Constitution and political system. The protesters at the Occupy protests are a good example.

How did James Madison become involved in the constitution?

Madison was the best prepared and the most influential member of the convention. He is considered the main architect of the political system defined in the constitution. He was also took the notes of the convention and due to his efforts historians know what happened in 1787.

What kind of political system does Poland have?

they are polish.. they dont have a political system they have a republic political system, actually

What the economic system vs political system?

What the Economic system v. political system

What did Jackson's practice of rewarding political supporters with government jobs become known as?

It is commonly called the "spoils system" based on the adage that "to the victors go the spoils" (rewards from winning). It can also be called "political patronage" where jobs and public contracts are given to political supporters, and especially to contributors.

System of political limits and controls?

A system of political limits and controls is system of powers

Active political participation by all citizens is the core of which political system?

Active political participation by all citizens is the core of which political system

What was Shakespeare's political affiliation?

Shakespeare did not get involved in national politics for two reasons: first, he was not a nobleman and only noblemen could go to court and influence the monarch and second, it was dangerous to make political statements in plays, as the producers of The Isle of Dogs found to their cost. Although Shakespeare's father was involved in local politics, Shakespeare was not really connected enough to Stratford to play a part in their political system, and not respectable enough to be involved in London politics. Also, political parties as we now understand them did not exist in Shakespeare's day.