what kingdom is a lily?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Kingdom Plantae

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Q: What kingdom is a lily?
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What is a lily pads kingdom?

Kingdom Plantae

What kingdom does a lily belong to?

they belong to plant kingdom. :)

What is the kingdom of the plant tiger lily?


Who is lily on your sims kingdom ds?

Lily is the green haired girl that sells furniture and is on river's edge

What kingdom phylum class order family genus and species is a lily?

Kingdom:Plantae(unranked):AngiospermsPhylum:Anthophyta(unranked):MonocotsOrder:LilialesFamily:LiliaceaeSubfamily:LilioideaeGenus:LiliumAnd there are many different species of a lily.

Where was lily Allen born?

Lily Allen was born in Hammersmith, west London, in England (part of the United Kingdom). Her family settled in the North London borough of Islington.

What is the phylum of the lily?

Lillies are found in the Genus of Lilium, their Subfamily is Lilioideae, in the Family of Liliaceae, the Order of Liliales, and the Kingdom of Plantae.See the related link listed below for more information:

What are the 7 Levels of classification for wood lily?

kingdom phylum class order family genus specie's

What kind of kingdom does onion belong?

An Onion belongs to the The bulb plants family like lily galic etc.

How do you ski jump on my sims kingdom ds?

To get Dean warm u need to buy a wood stove from lily

What kingdom phylum class order family genus and species is a a water lily?

"Water lily" refers to a large number of different plants. They are in the kingdom Plantae, phylum Angiospermae, class is variable depending on the system of classification, order Nymphaeales/Nelumbonales. The two orders contain several families, multiple genera together, and over 70 species in total.

What is correct you and Lily or Lily and you?

Lily and you