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Gout is a complex variation of Arthritis, and while it may attack any joint within the body, it is typically isolated to the joint found at the base of your big toe. Characterized by swift attacks of redness, tenderness and pain within a joint, this condition can become so severe it can make the affected seem as if it is on fire, which makes even the lightest touch intolerable. Gout is caused when you have high levels of uric acid in your blood, which causes urate crystals to form within a joint. Gout treatments typically involve taking prescription medications; however, natural proponents claim certain herbs and dietary supplements can help reduce the severity and frequency of gout attacks.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is commonly associated with boosting the immune system; however, initial studies have found that vitamin C supplementation during a gout attack may help lower uric acid levels in your blood. By reducing uric acid, the severity of a gout attack may be reduced. Vitamin C may be obtained through supplementation; however, you may also consume various fruits and vegetables to not only absorb the proper amount of vitamin C, but also other nutrients that are beneficial for your body. Before starting a vitamin C supplementation routine, speak with your doctor regarding the exact daily dosage as excessive vitamin C can actually worsen gout.

Cherries and Dark Fruit

Cherries are among the most loved fruits, and preliminary trials have found that the consumption of cherries can lower uric acid levels. Along with cherries, researchers have found that any dark colored fruit such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and purple grapes have the ability to reduce uric acid levels in your blood. Although cherries and other dark colored fruits have not been extensively researched for the treatment of gout, initial findings are promising.

Dietary Changes

Altering your diet may be one of the most effective ways to naturally treat a gout flare-up. According to the American Dietetic Association, consuming 16 cups of water and limiting your daily meat consumption to a maximum of six ounces per day may help shorten or reduce the severity of a gout attack. You should avoid alcohol and consume protein from healthy sources such as tofu, eggs, and fat-free dairy.

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Q: Effective Natural Gout Treatments
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What are some natural gout treatments?

Natural remedies for gout are available however not all are effective on every person. These include vitamin C, cherry juice, and fresh fruits. Eating fresh fruits has proven to be the most effective since it is readily available and is full of nutrients and fiber.

What is the natural treatment for GOUT than prescibed medicine What do you think about wwwvigroupnet treatments? does not have any information about gout or any health condition.

How did they treat gout in the 1800s?

An association had been made between gout and a rich diet well before the 1800's. and in the mid 1600 an association is mentioned between exes uric acid in the blood stream and gout. however the only effective treatments in those days were to modify the diet to simpler foods.

Are there any treatments for gout?

To prevent gout, try reducing the intake of meat and seafood, alcohol and fructose while avoiding obesity. Treatments for gout are all drug-related, including NSAIDs and steroids, but for minor pain your Mother can try applying ice for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

What are good treatments for gout symptoms?

The best way to treat gout is to go do a doctor and get prescribed medicine. If you are unable to get prescribed medicine, you should try to keep off of the area which is infected with gout.

Natural Gout Relief--Without Drugs?

Gout is a very painful condition affecting many adults, particularly those who are older and overweight. Drinkers and those with weak kidneys also have a higher risk of suffering from it. Doctors often prescribe drugs to treat gout, and they work for many patients. However, the disease is sometimes resistant to conventional treatments, so many patients look for any way to reduce their symptoms, including natural sources of relief. Fortunately, there are a number of known natural treatments for gout.Avoiding Purines or OxalatesYou will want to avoid purines or oxalates, depending on which is causing your gout. Alcohol causes problems for both types of gout since it dehydrates and strains the kidneys, which are then less able to filter wastes such as purines or oxalates. Drinking plenty of water is of utmost importance in the treatment of gout. Those whose gout is from purines should avoid excessive consumption of meats, especially organ meats, and seafood. Sufferers may need to avoid them altogether. Those whose gout results from oxalic acid should avoid excessive amounts of high-oxalate foods such as pecans, spinach, leafy greens, raspberries, and rhubarb.Natural Gout FightersThere are a variety of natural gout treatments that are available in the local grocery. Although raw apple cider vinegar is best since it contains live acetobacter cultures, white vinegar is also effective at breaking down uric acid crystals in the blood because of its alkalizing effect. Cherries, whether fresh, in juice form, canned, or dried, help break down uric acid as well and are a popular treatment. Sufferers of oxalic acid gout may wish to consume foods rich in calcium and magnesium, which bind to oxalic acid in the blood and carry it out in the urine. Calcium and magnesium supplements also work. Citric acid, found in abundance in lemons, helps break down oxalic acid crystals, allowing it to be eliminated in the urine.The main thing to remember when treating gout naturally is to drink plenty of water frequently. Without enough water, none of the other treatments can work.

How can you help someone with severe arthritis and acute chronic gout?

Acute chronic gout is a form of arthritis as well There are treatments available for both gout non inflammatory arthritis and inflammatory forms of the disease. None however can be cured as yet.

Where would one get a holistic cure for gout?

Dr. Well is a website with this type of cure for gout. Gout Treatment Site is another that claims different types of cures. There are help videos on YouTube showing beneficial treatments as well.

What are presciption drug to prevent gout?

Currently, there is no cure for gout. If you have been prescribed medicines for gout, it is important that you take those medicines as instructed to prevent future attacks. And making changes in your diet is also an effective way to deal with gout.

What medicine is alternative to NSAIDs for gout patients?

Cherries are good for gout. There are several natural anti-inflammatories such as tumeric and bromelain.

What is the most effective proven non-medicinal cure for gout?

There is no proven cure for gout medicinal or otherwise. If there were there would be a lot of very Happy people.

What's the natural gout treatment?

Gout Arthritis effects people in different ways, some get pain and irritation of the knees, muscle tissue and even skin in some cases. There are both homemade herbal remedies you can use as well as topical creams made of natural herbs that can be applied directly on the skin. Here are a few kinds of natural gout treatment you can try out on your own for gout arthritis.