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Medicaid and Medicare are public programs that fund assisted living for low income adults. Try calling a local assisted living center. If they accept medicaid/medicare they will be able to help you enroll, if they do not accept medicaid/medicare ask them to refer you to facility that accepts medicaid/medicare. HERITAGE COURT ASSISTED LIVING (909-949-4887) is an assisted living center in your area.

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Q: Can i play and view a cg+g or karaoke cd?
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Can you use a laptop to play CD plus G for karaoke?

Yes you can on Singsnap its a free Karaoke site .

Can a karaoke CD plus g player play regular CD's?

You can use a regular CD in most karaoke machines. However, a regular CD will not produce lyrics so you will only be able to sing along with the CD and the artist--not separately from the artist with only background music.

What is a Karaoke cdg used for at parties?

A karaoke CD-G is the disc that contains the music to sing along to once it has been placed in the disc player of the karaoke machine and play of the music has begun.

Any karaoke systems that can take a normal Cd and turn it to karaoke music?

Yes, the higher end brands can take any cd and turn it into karaoke music.

What are the features of Leadsinger Karaoke machines?

CDG (or CD+g) Karaoke machines play CDG discs, which will play on regular CD players without the benefit of words on a screen. CDG-enabled machines, like the Vibes Karaoke Machine or the CD+g A146P, are required for lyrics to displayed.

What is the best karaoke machine for children?

The Barbie Sing With Me CD Karaoke Machine is the best karaoke machine for children.

How do you find karaoke?

there are karaoke discs to more recent albums that sell in some CD stores

Where can one purchase karaoke tracks?

Amazon sells karaoke tracks and albums in CD+G format for reasonable prices. ITunes also sells karaoke tracks, but they do not sell CD+G versions, only the music portion.

Is there a Hannah Montana karaoke CD?

Yes. ASIN : B000UZ4FYM.

Where can you find cheap Beyonce karaoke cds?

There are several places one can find cheap Beyonce CDs. These websites include Amazon, CD Universe, ASAP Karaoke, The Karaoke Channel, and Karaoke Version.

Will my karaoke machine show lyrics from regular cds?

No. Karaoke CDs use a format called CD+G (CD + Graphics) Normal CDs do not have the extra information that shows lyrics in a karaoke player. Some bands (like Information Society) released some CDs that were CD+G, the graphics portion of which only showed up on CD+G Players.

What is the difference between a karaoke CD and a karaoke CD g?

CDG (or CD+G) stands for Compact Disc plus Graphics. These discs contain the background music and onscreen lyrics. If the disc is labeled CD only then it will contain only the background music.